Preorder [Bluefairy] Shiny Fairy Baked Skin Pre-order Event

May 27, 2016

    1. Dear customers,

      We are so excited to announce that the pre-order for the SF baked skin products, which has been asked from many customers, will be open from May. 30th to June. 10th.

      Order type : Shiny Fairy size normal type head
      (May, Hana, Benjamin, Paul, Andy, Connie, Sam, Leila, Minoru, Clare, Ellie, Jaden, Linus, Shirley)

      Please note that you are required to read below contents before placing the order. We have one thing that you need to be aware of:

      We always have tried our best to send the perfect and flawless baked skin products as well as other colored products. However, by the nature of the baked skin products, we had needed at least 3 or more times of re-production processes to ship the flawless products since the sand papers could not be used for the finishing touches to the baked skin products.

      Since a lot of losses of raw-materials and long lead time were un-avoidable for the re-production processes, either manufacturers or customers had shown the negative feedback for baked skin process. Some customers were not happy with the long delays and some manufacturers felt difficult with the re-productions. This was the reason that we had to keep postponing the release of this Baked skin products, despite of many customers' requests.

      Hence, we have decided to restrict the sale of the baked skin products only to the customers who is willing to accept tiny dusts or tiny dots that are not really noticeable, parting lines on the skin and etc. Please note that we will consider that by placing its order, you have agreed with this condition.

      Also, please note that to consider we are able to save raw-materials and times by reducing the re-productions, we are going to offer the products with lower prices. Your kind understandings will be much appreciated.

      Thank you and have a lovely day!

      website :
      SF pre-order page : Bluefairy International-I'll alway be here for you
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    2. Do you plan opening TF baked skin pre-order in the future? If so, when would it be?
      I love your "baked" resin, it is really top quality ;)
    3. I also would like to know if this will eventually be an available option for other sized dolls please :>
    4. Will you add slots so we could pick all the option parts, not just one?
    5. You can just pick those parts from this section:
      Bluefairy International-I'll alway be here for you
      Choose "baked skin" in option slot, and simply add to cart.
    6. Dear,
      Thank you for your attention.
      However, we don't have any other sizes for this event yet. Hope you like other dolls as well.
      Thank you.