BlueFairy Shiny Fairy/(MW) Junior body discussion

Mar 22, 2010

    1. Bluefairy has their 27cm line of dolls called Shiny Fairy. They now have taken over the Minoruworld Junior Body line and offer their Shiny Fairy heads on either body.

      Height : 27 cm
      Head round(Wig size) : 17 cm (6.5 inch)
      Shoulder width : 6 cm (2.5 inch)
      Arm length : 8 cm ( 3 inch) - from shoulder point to wrist
      Chest circumference : 13 cm (5 inch)
      Waist measurement : 12 cm (4.75 inch)
      Hip Round : 14 cm (5.75 inch)
      Leg Length : 14 cm (5.5 inch) - waist to ankle
      Foot Length : 3.8 cm ( 1.5 inch)
      Foot Width : 1.8cm(0.75inch)
      Hand Length : 3 cm ( 1.25 inch)
      Hand Width : 2cm(0.8inch)
      [Jr. fairy]
      Height: 33cm
      Head size: 15cm (6inch)
      Shoulder: 6cm (2.5inch)
      Arm length: 10cm (4inch)
      Chest: 14cm(boy,Girl) 14.5cm(blossom) (5.5~5.7inch)
      Waist: 12.5cm (5inch)
      Hip: 15.5cm (6inch)
      Leg: 18cm (7inch)
      Foot: 5cm (2inch)
      Foot width: 2cm (0.7inch)
      Hand: 3.3cm (1.5inch)
      Hand width: 2.5cm (1inch)
    2. May:



      Boy Body:


      You can now place orders for Shiny Fairies through as well. Its looking prettier now! More products will be uploaded there soon.
    3. They're similar, not exactly the same. The lower bodies are different (SF legs are longer, and LF hips are larger), so may affect pant fit, especially length...2cm is a lot.
      Measurements from both sites:
      Little Fee:
      Height: 25 cm
      Head round: 16.7 cm
      Chest: 13 cm
      Waist: 11.8 cm
      Hips: 14.5 cm
      Hip to ankle: 11.2cm (combining the 6.5 hip-knee and 4.7 knee-ankle)
      Foot: 3.8cm

      Shiny Fairy
      Height : 27 cm
      Head round: 17 cm
      Chest circumference : 13 cm
      Waist measurement : 12 cm
      Hip Round : 14 cm
      Hip to ankle : 14 cm
      Foot Length : 3.8 cm

      Of course, most any Yo size is close enough to most other Yo sizes. If things are stretchy or adjustable, they'll fit just about anyone in the range. It should not be difficult at all to find things to fit these new dolls.
    4. I had mine shipped to a friend's house and she's now in transit to me. I should see her tomorrow or Friday at the latest.
      My friend took a couple pics of her for me and I just had to share:


      Expect more pics once I get her home. My friend said she poses good and is super cute. I can't wait! I'll do comparison photos if anyone is interested. I have YoSD and BC girls.
    5. My sweet Hana (No make up) ,she is my first BJD
      Odered 29 Mar , arrived 24 Apr

    6. I got a couple comparison pics of her tonight. It has been rainy and I don't know when I'd get another chance, so all I've got are not so great photos from the kitchen lighting, lol. I hope they are good enough for you to get an idea though. ^^;
      But for anyone curious, here's her with a old Bambicrony girl and a Yo-SD She's a little taller then both, and about halfway in between them in waist size. Also took a pic of her with a Tinyfairy. I plan on painting her tomorrow and then I shall spam some more. :D



      Took these because I want to point out how poseable she is out of the box! I didn't change her stringing or add suede or anything. She is amazing!


      My cat really wanted in on these photos, lol.
    7. Personally, I love her hands! I think they are perfect and adorable. They aren't a whole lot smaller than the TF hands. Here I have up top a TF, and on the bottom from left to right:
      Soom Little Gem, Shiny Fairy, Volks Yo-SD, Bambicrony

    8. Today I gave her a temporary face-up (haven't quite decided how I want her yet). And I still don't know what color wig she will wear. >_<
      And of course it's getting dark here already so my pics suck, lol.
      Once I figure out what to do with her I will post many more pics!


    9. She's here!!!!


      She's definitely taller than Yo/BC, but the clothing fits her fine, so it works. her hands seem bigger, but her head seems smaller. The wig is very nice, and she's very pink. I'm bummed that they didn't give her green eyes like I requested, but that will be easily remedied. I'm leaning towards the name "Erin", we'll see if it sticks.

      I'll try to get a picture later with a Tiny Fairy and a Pocket Fairy, once my uploader stops being a butt.
    10. Well, I figured it was a gamble, but at least I've got green urethane eyes coming in soon :)

      The girl on the left is a Bambicrony Kumi Elf in the original normal skin, and the girl on the right is a Yo-SD Chinatsu version 1.

      Many of my kiddos are dressed for modeling at the Fresno BJD convention this weekend, but after that's done I hope to get a comparison of Yo-sized dolls from various companies as well as the TF/PF/SF comparison.
    11. Ah, gotcha. I'll remedy that myself when my Everpurples get here.

      Her legs are a bit more difficult to pose than Yo or some of the others, but her arms/hands pose beautifully. She's pretty similar to an older BC in posing, without the wonky left knee thing. My girl seems to want to lean to the right a little bit, it's almost like the leg is a mm shorter on the right or something. You can see it a little in the picture. It's probably just her stringing, but I'll look into it more closely after the show this weekend. She doesn't have the cut/swivel joint that many 10" dolls now come with, so that limits her a little bit....she can't do the "swarrico" type poses. But overall, I'm happy with her.

      The eyehook in the headcap really seems to serve no purpose, as they have an S hook holding the elastics in the neck like any standard Yo.

      reggie, I had forgotten how pink my Pocket Fairys were when they first arrived...she looks a lot pinker next to my older BC and Yo. My Tiny Fairys are the pink resin as well, so that comparison should be interesting...they're from 2005.
    12. Nah, they're the same as the pink-toned kids. They're just not ivory. She certainly doesn't look that dark to me, but maybe that's because I actually have tan dolls?
      Here she is compared with one of my pink PFs...I believe it's just the resin.
      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      Zingor, what a hoot....I just picked the two girls that were sitting on my desk at the time. How funny.

      Tenaku, I wouldn't say that they are "difficult" posers, they're just average. It's definitely not anything that makes me disappointed in the sculpt. The lack of a swivel cut in the thigh is kind of surprising, but she's certainly not alone there. She's so pretty, I love the Blue Fairy faces.
    13. I tried another face-up on my girl. This time, I used more pinkish tones, hoping it would help but I'm just not bonding with her..... *points to sig* :(

    14. I'm happy that the links have helped you! ^^
      My Colette (Hana) is arrived yesterday, and she's so cute! She have a pretty body, less childish than I thought: I have put her to comparison with Isabelle (my other Yo-SD size BJD, Leeke D Honey), and Colette seems older than her!
      Here you can see the two of them (nude image!) and here the girls dressed. They are pretty different, but are so lovely together!
      I change Colette's eyes (14mm) with some 16mm eyes, and now I like she more **
    15. Here is my Benjamin!
      I'm very glad with his body actually! Very flexible and poseable. And his single-joints knees are not bad too, i love them very much! ANd pretty hands are pretty+) (Very good for boy! Don't know about girl).


      Full box opening.:chocoheart
    16. Again, Benjamin spam~ Hope you interested!

      Face-uped XDD haha yes-yes I know girly face-up, but I love girly boys X3

      Look how cute his knees aree *333*

      May be this face-up is temporal and may be not! ^_^

      Would be great to see other Benjamins too~
    17. What a great job...your Ben looks very sweet. What eyes is he wearing?

    18. Thank you~ Yes, I did it, I'm very glad you like it, because I'm not sure about this face-up^^

      Thank you~ I'm very glad you like the lips, they are so tiny, so I haven't brush this size >_<

      Thank you very much, I love my cute boy *A* These eyes are soom silicone, Light black+)
    19. Oo thanks for sharing pictures. ^^ I was really glad to see Benjamin, he is very cute mold.