BlueFairy Shiny Fairy/(MW) Junior body discussion

Mar 22, 2010

    1. Hello, popping in with a question I'm hoping someone in here can help with!

      For the shinyfairy junior default uniforms- are the shirt and skirt the same ones/size as the normal shinyfairy or are they bigger/longer like the sweater for the set?
    2. Is there a difference in the facial features between boy and girl dolls of the same sculpt? I'm comparing the default Benjamin, of which there is no girl photo, to the girl Bon Voyage Benjamin and I could swear the mouth shape is different and not just the face-up! Am I seeing things? *_*
    3. It's the same sculpt, just slightly different makeup! The only really confusing sculpts are May and Hana, as some of the promo photos show the first versions of those two sculpts still, but the first versions aren't offered anymore.
    4. @Seraph_Keeper On the Minoruworld site you can see both boy and girl face-ups :) Detail Information

      @MaudMAryFlynn I don't know whether you still need to know, but the skirt defenitely is longer on Junior. I believe the shirt as well, but less of a difference, I could check for you.

      So I have bought an old Junior girl body, and hoping to order an Andy head in the next pre-order she is available :)

      Some May spam just because

      3 little May's
      by Karen, on Flickr
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    5. I need to get the updated Junior Blossom body when I can, didn't have the money this order period. Much prefer the double joints.
    6. Aha! Thank you so much you two! And that May trio is absolutely adorable. So well styled! :aheartbea
    7. Hi. Let me ask about the theme special "Alice May's Shadow", shop photoes below.



      1. Has anyone bought this girl? I really want to see her photoes Dx

      2. It had released at 2014 and I guess she is May 3rd sculpt, is it correct?

      Any replies are appriciated. Thank you in advance :>
    8. Hi, I didn't end up ordering one, but Bluefairy sent me this picture when I asked about her:

      And yes, she's a May 3rd sculpt :thumbup
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    9. Oh I've just logged in and saw your post. Thank you very much, especially with that pic!
    10. You're very welcome! It's a shame that there are so few pictures available - she seems lovely.
    11. Just realized that I had missed a 1st SF May with reasonable price at an auction few days ago...
      and now feel so miserable:(

      these days I'm falling in love with Jr blossom body too... here is my hybrid girl with other company's 1/3 size head pic.

      I'M SORRY! The photo size was too big... I deleted it, sorry.
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    12. Hi all, I finally got her... Alice May Shadow, from the shop directly.
      Now she needs to be assembled. lol She is my first Blue Fairy doll!
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    13. Congratulations, she's lovely! I assembled my Jr Minouru too, it's really rather easy...
    14. Thank you. Yeah, the body is kind of easy to assemble.
      +I was surprised when I saw the inside of the head lol. just said "wow"

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    16. She looks incredible! I especially love her with that long black hair in the second pic. Just beautiful - I'd love to see more.
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    17. @nemurenu Congrats! She is really beautiful :D lol, yeah... that putty they use... I always request to leave the eyes out of the head. Or you spend half an hour getting it out with the yucky stuff smeared everywhere.. :lol:

      So I ordered an Andy head in the last pre-order for the junior body I got a while back :) So excited! Guessing I won't have it before January.
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    18. Thank you all!

      I've bought a carema which I had used years ago (it was suddenly broken, so I had to bought a "new" one ;-;)
      and with the new May my first Bluefairy doll, I'm sooo excited these days! :XD:

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    19. Has anyone gotten the updated/double jointed jr body? How is it?
    20. I have and honestly I hate it.
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