BlueFairy Shiny Fairy/(MW) Junior body discussion

Mar 22, 2010

    1. :ablink: Awh, really?! Did you do a body review somewhere? I'm interested to know the shortcomings.
      Based solely on looks, I was considering trying to trade one of my old style juniors for a renewed body, but this gives me pause..:shudder
    2. Bummer :(. Anything in particular noteworthy?

      I really wanted to like the old Jr body but the legs drove me nuts; I always had a hard time keeping them straight and not popping forward form the hips. I was hoping the redesigned legs and hips would be better....
    3. With how the double joints are made they snap! Into the position similar to to the single joints. I would perfer the old body because of that and the resin seemed more thicker and smooth. Though the new body is smooth but it feels super light and a bit cheap:-/
    4. i decided to order a jr. clare boy before they were discontinued, does anyone know what size eyes they take? is it 14-16mm just like the tiny fairies? they're the ones i'm used to. ^^;

      and if anyone knows what ttya size fits better on junior boys? usd or msd, i'd really like to know! ^^
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    5. I used mostly 12's in the two I have.
    6. @mangameow the juniors still have a yosd body, just longer limbs and proportionate hands and feet. Yosd clothes will look like your doll is outgrowing them, but they will fit. Msd clothes are definitely too big. Short sleeves and skirts and shorts for yosd are just fine on juniors! The biggest problem with juniors is that their feet are a little bigger than yosd, but not nearly as big as msd. So if you want shoes that fit, you definitely should buy them from Blue Fairy.
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    7. well, shoot, i just ordered some 14mms x3;
      i'll keep that in mind when for when mako opens again and i order him more permanent eyes...! hopefully he won't look really weird with 14s..!

      i see, i see!!
      i think that should work out kind of, i'm planning on having him in a sort of jumpsuit style bottom, just with the top half around his waist held up by a belt.... and now i have to buy a doll sized belt...! o_o;
      i bought a jumpsuit in yosd and msd, so i'll see which suits the kind of baggy bottom style...!

      i was going to buy shoes from bluefairy for him but they didn't have any styles i liked for him... :(
      so i'm gonna see if my bunny nine's shoes fit him when he gets here (bunny nines are also ~35cm)...!
    8. I use 14mm eyes in my juniors and they look fine. Here are Skylar (May 1st) and Raleigh (Jaden). [​IMG]
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    9. Oh wow, Jaden is way cuter in your pic than on the BF page! And I love Skylar's freckles!
    10. ohhhh omg they're so cute!!! ♥
      thanks for the pic!!! i think 14mm will end up being fine for my boy..! :3nodding:
      aaahhh, this is making me want a bunch of shiny fairies, oh nooo!!! x3
    11. Question, has anyone ever used the junior tip toe feet with the shiny fairy body? Or heard of someone doing it?
    12. The Junior feet would fit physically but look very large on a Shiny. I have tried swapping their hands and feet around before but wouldn't keep a character built that way, personally. The larger / more mature sculpting of the Junior hands and feet don't suit the Shiny's relatively babyfatty body very well.

      I haven't heard of anyone using this combination with heeled feet specifically. Could be interesting!
    13. I was talking about Shiny Fairy Nell over on the Tiny Fairy thread, but I thought I should post here too, in case ppl don't follow both threads...
      Here's the ghost page on Blue Fairy Korea page... it says "available soon" but you can't actually find her.
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    14. Lokinta- thanks! I thought I may have seen a shiny with Jr tip toe feet once before (a loooong time ago) but it's highly possible I was mistaken. Figured you guys in this thread would have a better idea.
    15. oh!!! she's looks like a sf version of somang almost?!! she's beyond adorable i'm so sad i'd never heard of her before, id totally buy her omg!!
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    16. Ooh, thanks. I didn't realize I wasn't subscribed to the TinyFairy thread anymore. Must have unsubscribed when I sold my TF babe (but I still love them.. ahh..!)

      Nell has such biiig eyes! And a smile which reminds me of TF Tommy. Oh, I wonder is this a new limited sculpt, or if it will be like May where there are special and normal releases.. :D
    17. Shiny Fairy Nell was available one time several years ago, and they've never brought her back. :(
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    18. need to buy some kawaii wigs for these junior mays
      L: 1st / default faceup
      R: 3rd / Alice May's Shadow faceup

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    19. Yooooo Blue Fairy is having a new limited doll!! There's new Tiny Fairy Lisa and new Junior(/Shiny) Fairy Molly!!! I think she looks like Leila with lipstick, or a smaller Rachel, but she's cute!!! Blue Fairy posted her name on their Instagram this morning, but she doesn't have her own purchase page on their website yet.


      The dolls (and outfit available for purchase separately!!! yeehaw!!!!) will be available starting August 29! Here's their notice.
    20. Completely missed the order for those limited adorable junior outfit :doh