BlueFairy Shiny Fairy/(MW) Junior body discussion

Mar 22, 2010

    1. Me too, nemurenu! :( I forgot to take into account time zones, so when it said 5pm August 31... I didn't realize they meant Seoul. Darn!
    2. Now need more outfits for junior size... why I missed the order... how foolish!! :sigh:...(

    3. I got my March order today! What a long wait! It seems that Juniors now have a notch in their ankles and wrists? I'm sure it's for posing purposes.
    4. Oh, wow, long wait indeed! I didn't know they're so far behind. Today is business day 70 since my (July) order and am on pins and needles. Happy arrival day to you~! :cake:

      What do you think of the new notches? Do they help significantly with the hands and feet? The way the hook system is designed, Bluefairy's range of motion in their hands and feet have always felt so limited. It sure would be nice to see that being remedied!
    5. Whoa!!! Sorry, oh my gosh, I meant my **JUNE** order, yikes!!! I don't know what I was thinking when I typed that. They're not that far behind, I swear!!!! :? I think I must have ordered on June 3, and BF uses the international date system of day-month-year, instead of the USA month-day-year, so I saw "03-06-2018" and thought "Really? It was March? Wow!"

      Looking closely, it's just the foot/ankle that has a notch in it. I guess it's to keep the foot pointed in the direction you want it to? I can't really determine a function for it, though there must be a reason. I don't do anything wild and crazy with my dolls, so posing doesn't matter as much to me.
    6. Hi all!! I was wondering if anyone has handled both old and new shiny fairy bodies? I would love to know what you think of the newest one, since all I have is the single jointed body.
      I know I read someone said they preferred the old one from their JR bodies, but I'm curious to read any other opinions too :aeyepop:
    7. I just received my new SF Jr. May last week and am so excited that I have been writing up a detailed review. :3nodding:

      Overall, I really like the changes with only a couple of exceptions. Here are my top 3 points:

      • I notice inconsistent seam sanding and flaw removal throughout the body. Bluefairy has done this on two out of three Baked dolls I have purchased through them since their yearly Baked sales began. Some seams are sanded on the right but not the left, some were sanded only halfway up the seam, and then there are a few small blemishes which could have been sanded down but for whatever reason were not. It doesn’t bother me much, personally, but I know it matters to some people so I think it’s worth mentioning.

      • The lack of updates to some features which I thought Bluefairy should have prioritized was my biggest disappointment, namely the extremely limited range of motion of hands and feet. Wrists and hands remain exactly the same as they were on the old bodies, while the legs from the hips down to ankles have been entirely resculpted. The renewed body has a very nice silhouette which makes the doll look smaller and more graceful overall. ~2mm has been slimmed off the upper arm, but this change is so slight I spent most of the week questioning if I was imagining it. I do handle one of my classic Juniors very frequently, but I’m surprised I was able to notice that small of a change at a glance. When compared side-by-side it becomes apparent though that the major change that gives the slimmer appearance is mainly in the hips: the widest measurement has been reduced to 14.5cm as opposed to the classic Junior’s 16.5cm. The new hips look much better.

      • Honestly I haven’t found a good use for the shoulder mobility joints yet (perhaps they are intended for turning the arm “unnaturally but barely noticeably” through 90° so the elbow joint doesn’t show as much in photos?) but they occasionally need to be corrected. Again, not a big inconvenience, but not amazingly useful because the lack of wrist mobility foils a lot of the natural poses that could be achieved with such a feature.

      I do think the renewed bodies are an improvement, both in functionality and aesthetically, and that these renewed sculpts indicate that Bluefairy is actively doing something to compete with (and in my opinion, maintaining their advantage over) other brands which have been dipping their toes into the ~35cm market. I’m very pleased with my Neo Jr. May, but am having technology woes right now (another story!) so I haven’t been able to take or share any photos of her yet. I would love to get this review video / slideshow thing made ASAP while my excitement is fresh! In the meantime, I hope this helps a bit.
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    8. @Lokinta that is very helpful indeed! I'll keep an eye for those photos of your new May :D
    9. So the December order period is open... but the Shiny/Junior fairies all say "Sold out"??? Wonder what's up with that!
    10. Hi all!! I wanted to share my May look, I really like how sweet she turned out!
      by Alejandra Zacarias, en Flickr
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    11. Its been a long time, but I love being able to come in here and see all the photos :D I need to give my Jane more love. The funny thing is lately, I've been thinking I want to order a baked skin SF, not 100% sure on who, but I am thinking of a boy to go with Jane. So any and all photos are welcomed but I would love to see some boys please:)
    12. This month's special is "Jr May" and I honestly don't understand... what is the difference between the Monthly Special Junior May and just a Shiny Fairy May with a Junior girl body???


      She doesn't seem to come with this outfit, either; you can buy a default Junior Fairy outfit (the school uniform), but it's extra.

      Does anyone have any ideas about what this means???? April is the month when you can already buy Shiny Fairy May, so this is extra confusing.
    13. @Peppermintsheep So far the only difference I see is that Monthly Special Junior May has a "Baked" skintone option. Hmm... confusing indeed! Perhaps more details will be released subsequently.
    14. What’s also weird is that if you want the Junior Blossom body, or the Junior Boy body, you add $168 to the price.

      So is it *just* Junior Girl May, and adding the Blossom or Boy body means you will literally be getting two bodies? @[email protected] Gosh, I wish they had explained this better! I thought I’d gotten the hang of this monthly special thing, but then this!
    15. Hello there!
      I pre-ordered my special 'Jr. May' with Jr. Girl Body just few days ago. She's my first Bluefairy doll, and I feel very excited, she looks so pretty!
      I also love the 33 cm size, I have a weakness for small dolls and that size seems just the perfect one!
      Thank you for sharing photos of your beautiful dolls and also for the helpful comments!
    16. Hey everyone! One of the Monthly Specials For June is a Baked Choice Shiny/Junior Fairy! There’s also Baked Choice Pocket Fairies, and Blue Fairy Miley! There’s also the Friends of Blue Fairy dolls “Garnet”, who is about Junior Fairy size, and “Blanche” who is Tiny Fairy sized.

      Orders will be open starting Monday June 3 and will close Friday June 7.
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    17. Oh wow, she’s super cute!!! I love the green eyes/blonde hair combination, but the green eyes/brown hair also looks lovely.... a beachy girl, or a forest girl!
    18. @Peppermintsheep
      Thank you so much! The Shiny Fairy Jr. body has been a so nice surprise! This smallest size is lovely and easy to handle! And her sculpt and face-up is really super pretty :love
      For the moment, she wears the brown wig, I love its 'savage' look! I will post more photos soon!