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BlueFairy (Tiny Fairy) discussion Part 12

Dec 16, 2018

    1. He’s really giving me those early 2000s anime-styled dolls vibes...

      I’m safe, too— so much of my crew is already dour or frowny, I can’t add another sad kid to the lineup! (Especially with such heavy eye makeup? I’m not really digging the 2005 styling... I’ve seen Tiny Fairy Allan before, and he seems much cuter with understated makeup.)
    2. It's been a while, but a couple of new Bluefairies have joined my collection and I am having a lot of fun with them. Names and final looks are still a work in progress.



      I'm thinking about turning the Louis into a girl because I really like Louis girls, though it will require more complicated body swapping since he's on the gentle body.
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    3. Oooh, Kyle and Louis! Nice! I think I ended up getting Louis (Josie) as a girl first, then found a Louis boy (Remy) a couple of years later. This is Josie, I love how serious she looks.

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