BlueFairy (Tiny Fairy) discussion Part 12

Dec 16, 2018

    1. He’s really giving me those early 2000s anime-styled dolls vibes...

      I’m safe, too— so much of my crew is already dour or frowny, I can’t add another sad kid to the lineup! (Especially with such heavy eye makeup? I’m not really digging the 2005 styling... I’ve seen Tiny Fairy Allan before, and he seems much cuter with understated makeup.)
    2. It's been a while, but a couple of new Bluefairies have joined my collection and I am having a lot of fun with them. Names and final looks are still a work in progress.



      I'm thinking about turning the Louis into a girl because I really like Louis girls, though it will require more complicated body swapping since he's on the gentle body.
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    3. Oooh, Kyle and Louis! Nice! I think I ended up getting Louis (Josie) as a girl first, then found a Louis boy (Remy) a couple of years later. This is Josie, I love how serious she looks.

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    4. It's a little odd that the Blue Fairy website hasn't updated in a couple weeks... according to the website, the ordering period for Monthly Special Limited BF May Valentine is still open, and they haven't posted October's order period.

      According to their Korean website, they were having an offline event at an expo on September 29, but they haven't updated their Korean site since then. I don't know if they have a blog somewhere, but I hope they're doing alright!!
    5. Hate to double-post, but I think people will see a new post faster than they’ll notice an edit on an older post.

      October is up! It looks like Tiny Fairy Joshua/Joanne has replaced Kyle in the Monthly lineups! They’re cute!!!

      The Special of the month is Tiny Fairy Kate, and also a rebel Pocket Fairy Mini May, but only on the very tall (for a tiny) Brother or Sister bodies.
    6. Funny they updated just after you posted!
    7. I know!!! It kinda looks like they forgot, then read about it, said "oh, it's true" and updated their website, hahaha.
    8. I have a Kate! (Cafe Kate, from back when they had the Bluefairy Cafe). Really surprised to see them bringing her back. Glad they styled her with bangs this time. The original wig had no bangs and didn't look right on that sculpt. Here's mine:


      Her name is Bryony.
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    9. She’s so cute! Makes me want to get her now. I’m pretty sure my next doll will be a girl and it’s just a matter of deciding on which sculpt I want.
    10. Today my order change to "On shipping" status. I'm so excited :D
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    11. Congrats! I look forward to you receiving your order! Mine still says “item processing,” so I still have a bit of a wait.
    12. The Special Limited for October has been announced on Instagram! It’s two girls, Tommy Valentine and new doll Arthur!

      To my eye, Arthur (who is a girl in this Limited event) looks dour and very much like earlier release Dylan but with more pronounced lips. I looooooove the dress, but would like to see more variation in face molds... Arthur, Kate, Kevin, Jude, Dylan, Joanne/Joshua, and Charlotte have all had such a melancholy sort of look to them.
    13. Not pleased with Arthur, but Tommy Valentine is gorgeous! Alas, can't afford her this time around.
    14. Looks like the outfits and accessories are available separately for the first time in a long time. That's great!

      I also notice that the body drop down menu has a whole new set of body names: girl/boy/beauty/knight/blooming. Hopefully we'll be able to view these when the sale of Tommy V and Arthur goes live. There's a preview pic of the blooming body on Insta (nekkid doll warning).

      I adore Tommy V, I have two tommies and it's one of my favorite sculpts. I'm not sure if I can swing it, though, as I have a 1/3 May V on order right now XD
    15. Maybe this is more of a question for a Blue Fairy waiting room but this thread is more active. Is Blue Fairy usually pretty timely with their shipments? I’ve officially past the 80 day minimum for a doll with a face up and I’m getting so pretty excited and anxious.
    16. They've always been more or less on time in my experience, but you do have to make sure to subtract Korean holidays and weekends from your 80 days.
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    17. It looks like the dresses are *still* available for purchase from the October Limited Event! Snap ‘em up before the November Preorders (on Monday?)!
    18. Wow, looks like the November offerings are already up!

      Sleeping Louis

      Sleeping Olive


      Hopefully they show pics of the Knight body soon, since the outfit is meant for it. I love sleeping Louis so much!
    19. Sleeping Louis is really lovely

      So Kyle boy is definitely going to be a pastel grump, though I am still trying to sort out a name for him that isn't Lestat as a joke

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    20. Oh wow, he’s gorgeous! Are his eyes modified to be slightly more open, or is it just the photo angle?