BlueFairy (Tiny Fairy) discussion Part 12

Dec 16, 2018

    1. Woah! I need to check that out! Horns are not generally the route blue fairy goes.
    2. how odd, that is very outside BF's usual.

      Their sculpt options are looking rather limited atm with all those discontinuations. *sigh* We definitely need a few more smiley dolls, they almost all look so sombre.
    3. Hmm... the January Limited event looks really bizarre? There’s only 20 orders available (maybe?) and it seems like you don’t get to choose which Limited head you get??
    4. The January theme does look odd. It says at the bottom of the page to write down the type of head you want on the order sheet . . . but they're only selling 20? If that's not per sculpt, that is a pretty small amount considering how many heads they are offering. :? Also seems weird that they would include standard sculpts.

      Ah well, maybe I can finally get a Tommy!
    5. It says to write what head you want in the order sheet so include as part of the notes. I have to say I've not seen some of these sculpts before. Arthur is completely new to me, and when they make a Rachel Valentine?
    6. Arthur was a Limited just a few months ago with the bunny and kitty hats.

      I still kind of don’t understand the order process... and it’s a shame you absolutely have to order the body with the head. I’d like several of those, but I definitely can’t swing like, four full dolls in any ,moth of the year!
    7. When did Jasmine come a limited head? O_O I really still would want Jasmine and Emilie sisters. I already had names for them years ago. Just can't do it as I'm waiting one doll and the huge custom fee's I'm gonna have to pay for her and just can't do it.. X__X
    8. I think they discontinued a few standard sculpts recently (Kyle, Tommy, Emilie). You can see the current monthly rotation here. It contains a few yet-unknown sculpts.

      Man, I'd love a Lin...
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    9. what's awesome is seeing so many old sculpts in the special list but yeah, i'm very confused by that monthly special.

      But eeeek nicky!

      I'm curious about the new sculpts. I hope a few of them look happier. I'd like a happy girl to cheer Louis up lol.
    10. Kind of weird that the "Limited Only For You" listing is open again... and has been so for a couple days... I'm pretty sure it's an accident?

      And did you guys see the sneak peak on Instagram of one of the new TF sculpts, Heemang?

      Finally, a smile!! It seems we've had quite a few melancholy sculpts lately, so it's nice to see another sweet smile.
    11. Hi guys. So over the weekend I ended up with my million-year old Sarang again! I had gifted her to my mom ages ago, but she decided she didn't want to be in the hobby anymore, so she's back! Rather than move her on yet again I've decided to keep her. Just this morning I settled on her new look (she's blank atm - I attempted to put a faceup on her yesterday but it wasn't working out) so hopefully if our nice weather holds out for a few more days (which would take a miracle) I can get a face on her and she can join this thread. Again.
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    12. Sarang is such a cutie, I hope you'll get her new face up soon. :) I switched my Sarang's wig recently and I feel the spark of joy with her again. :3nodding:
    13. She is cute! I'm excited to see if what I have planned will work. Then excited to buy her clothes. I don't know how to shop for minis anymore, so that'll be fun.
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    14. I was dressing some Tiny Fairies so they could try on the wigs i just got from that great 1/2 off wig sale... and uhhh i have a question for owners of older TFs...

      On the older Tiny Fairies (like, the classic, single-joint bodies)... are their left legs just a bit shorter than their right legs??? I thought it was just me, but after three dolls in a row unable to stand... *was* there a design flaw? Or is it truly me?
    15. I only have the classic bodies, and there is a slight discrepancy between the two legs, though I'm not sure if it's one leg is shorter than the other or if the one hip socket is slightly different. All of mine are really dependable standers, however.
    16. I only have classic bodies too, it does feel like one leg is slightly shorter than the other. They stand fine though, I just keep fiddling/rotating the thigh until they're stable.
    17. Oh my gosh, this is such a relief! I seriously thought i didn't know how dolls worked, but three in a row... I’m glad there really is a discrepancy! When they're wearing shoes, that’s enough stability and grip for them to stand up just fine, but like i said— i was just trying on their wigs this time, not bothering with shoes, so it was really really noticeable. I kept flipping up their dresses to make sure their legs were both pointing the same direction lol (sorry, girls)
    18. I've never noticed on my classic girl, but I have trouble getting her to stand, so her legs are wired.