BlueFairy (Tiny Fairy) discussion Part 12

Dec 16, 2018

    1. Looks like the new Tiny Fairy sales page is up! Welcome, TF Ellen! She looks a little bit like the discontinued Denis, but with teeth!!!

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    2. Speaking of Denis, i ordered a makeup head from when they discontinued the Denis sculpt, and after taking a huge detour to the United Kingdom (I'm in the United States), it finally got here!

      But now I've got a shipping notice for the Bunny and Kitty dresses that was a limited event some months ago (i believe the sculpts were Tommy and Arthur)... and it looks like its coming my way by way of the UK again. I have had the same address for 10 years, and haven't changed anything on Blue Fairy’s website. I wonder what happened on their end that they're sending my stuff through the Royal English Post?????
    3. She looks really cute!!!

      That's odd! Maybe they only read "united" but not the rest of it, hahaha, expecting to see "USA" instead of "United States", maybe? Hahaha, be patient, it will arrive eventually.
    4. Oh strange— it’s Monday night, the first night of the preorder period for May... and all of this month’s Pocket Fairies are shown as “sold out”, along with two Tiny Fairy sculpts and three Shiny Fairy sculpts.

      I wonder if it’s a glitch, or if they really are limiting orders??
    5. New TF Lucy is so cute and she is exactly what I want for my next Tiny Fairy but ugh, spent all my doll money for the next few months

      I am very happy to report that my missing Jerome girl who was lost in the mail has finally made her way back home after getting repainted. I hadn't really planned on a Jerome but I wanted a girl and this one was too good a deal to pass up, and now I am happy I did because I have Jerome and Kyle twins.

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    6. Hmm, tomorrow is the first Monday of the month, but Blue Fairy hasn’t posted the June lineup on Instagram... and they didn’t post for May on Instagram, either. I hope they’re okay. Does anyone follow their Twitter? Any news there?

      Edit to add: the June lineup is posted on their website, as of Sunday May 31.
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    7. It's like they forget they have an instagram account, hahaha.
      Besides the monthly dolls, Jerome is available for pre-order. I still don't understand why they discontinued some dolls and then offer them "outside" the monthly orders...
    8. I think having a big lineup of dolls really spreads out their work when all the orders come in— if they offered all 10 Tiny Fairies every month, they might get stuck casting a very small number of each of 10 sculpts. But if they just offer 3 or 4 at a time, their chances are better that they’ll cast a worthwhile amount of sculpts at one time.

      By discontinuing a sculpt they’ve offered for 15+ years, they’re making room for new sculpts (cool!), but also— they’re making it clear that they *still have* the old sculpts and that they will bring them back occasionally! I think it’s great that they’re bringing back disco tinued sculpts quite readily— I don’t feel like I’m missing out, or that I’ll never see a certain sculpt again.

      The thing i really wish they’d bring back is their unassembled option— it saves on shipping, it saves me from having yet another doll carrying bag, and it even saved 10 bucks off the price of the doll :sweat
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    9. Hey all, double posting again, but here's what I asked Blue Fairy:
      Hi Blue Fairy, a long time ago, you used to offer an option to ship doll bodies as "unassembled", to save on shipping costs and packing materials. I've been ordering your dolls for years, and can assemble the body myself. I also don't need any more doll carrier bags. As shipping costs keep getting higher, I hope you might bring back the option to ship the doll unassembled and without a carrier bag.
      >Thank you for your consideration,
      >Merry ​

      And here's their reply, which, tbh, I don't understand:
      Dear merry
      Thank you for contacting me.
      The order sheet says Unassembled Request, No Bag Required.
      Choose a K-packet for delivery.
      >I will refund the remaining shipping cost if I pay by PayPal.
      >Best rigards.
      >Blue fairy. ​

      So... it sounds like when you place an order, you tell them "Unassembled Request, No Bag Required" in the notes. Is that what everyone else is understanding about their answer??

      (Unfortunately, Blue Fairy answered me AFTER the ordering period had already closed and after I had ordered, so guess who's getting ANOTHER carrier bag in a few months...)
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    10. Oh that's nice. Let us know how much cheaper that makes shipping.
      I'd love more companies to give that option as it'd save so much space in a package AND allow them to wrap each individual piece better (theoretically anyway) so they'd be safer in transit.

      Frustrating though their monthly thing is, it does seem to mean they get stuff cast QUICK. I waited like a month for my Louis, it was surprisingly speedy. I assume their limited resin colour options also help in that respect, they only do like TWO colours so they can batch cast dolls.
    11. I don’t know if I can request unassembled after the fact? I really wish it were an option from the start. Plus, I picked EMS shipping, and I don’t think I can change it to K-Packet.

      (It’s not even the shipping price that is driving this so much— it really is my aversion to another carrier bag lmao. They don’t stack! I can’t figure out what to do with them if they’re not holding dolls! And they’re so long that they don’t fit into a hanging sweater holder for a closet.)

      Hey everyone, what do YOU do with the carrier bags?
    12. My carrier bags are in my wardrobe lol. I have no real use for them beyond storing COA in them and spare parts/alternate parts i'm not using.
    13. I use them for storing the dolls, just like I used to use the boxes. I rather prefer the boxes to the carrier bags.
    14. Does anyone know if there's a pattern (regarding frequency) for baked sking events?
      I'd like to get a Sarang Boy in Baked Skin and I'm trying to set up a saving plan or something, haha.
    15. In the past, they offered baked skin for their monthly order lineups in June, July, and August. It's not a rule, though, and it doesn't seem to have been offered this year...
    16. Did anyone who ordered baked skin on last preorder received the doll? I have been waiting mine since December.
    17. Oh wow, that’s a really long wait! How unusual for Blue Fairy. You should post on their Q&A board. Hopefully they’ll tell you that they’re starting to ship those orders this week?
    18. So there’s a new Tiny Fairy! Hello, Tiny Fairy Sean! He’s got sort of square eyes like the limited Dylan, but a wider mouth. He looks so sad!

      Weirdly, he’s going to be a preorder from June 29th to July 3rd... I wonder why he’s not just added to the monthly lineup for July? (Remember: the monthly order starts the first Monday of the month, so July’s preorder period should start July 6.)