BlueFairy (Tiny Fairy) discussion Part 12

Dec 16, 2018

    1. Yeah, Elliot is really cute!! ... And really expensive :sorry Aaah, Blue Fairy! They're just MSDs, dang!
    2. hopefully!! i was the one pestering them every time they released a limited choice selection asking if gus was ever coming back after all x___x;;;

      elliot is pretty cute, but i'd like to see her blank or with a male faceup, i think her lip painting looks a little "overdrawn" (is that what it's called i don't know much about makeup omg....).... she's got moody look to her that i love...... darn u bluefairy.... TToTT
    3. Maybe Elliot will be re-released sometime :< Can't justify her price for me, personally, though. The clothes, while very pretty, aren't my usual preferred aesthetic, so Id probably never use them :<
    4. Ergh yeah she IS really expensive!! I hadn’t looked into her event that much and had a play around with options have to pay extra for the coat anyway?? That’s so many ahhh....
    5. ??? You don't pay extra for the outfit. You can purchase an additional outfit of either color for an extra $150 (if you only want one outfit, select X). What is curious is that the listing specifies that they both come with a navy cloak? If I were interested in Elliot, I would probably ask if she comes with the red cloak, as pictured, since both Olive and Elliot's descriptions specify navy in writing.

      Outfit : Black long dress, Navy color Manteau, Panty

      As for the price, well... Bluefairy stated they were increasing their prices. I imagine it's the best way to stay afloat, given how small the profit margins tend to be for BJDs... I know it's hard to pay more, but I'm happy that Bluefairy is taking steps to promote their longevity in a market that is changing a lot right now.

      EDIT: Actually, the more I read this listing, the more unclear it is! I'm pretty sure they both include the outfit, but better safe than sorry, and the color of the manteau is unclear. Is the default navy for both, or red for Elliot and navy for Olive? *_* I went ahead and asked on the Q&A board, hopefully they respond before the preorder period begins.
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    6. wow so expensive.

      I'm kinda glad I ordered my Louis when I did. I just had this feeling I SHOULD or i'd regret it and knowing they're likely to put prices up and potentially discontinue more sculpts at the drop of a hat... yeah... relieved I did so.


      Way back when I had always planned to get him a companion but I might go for a Luts instead heh, their faces are fairly similar to my eye. BF's ordering period thing is really awkward.

      that tru thing is bizarre lol.
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    7. Ah, Toys R Us only closed their US and UK stores though. Even Canada still has them as if nothing ever happened.
      Asia seems to get a lot of cross-company promos, like collectibles from convenience stores even, so why not at a toy store? It seems rare to see a BJD brand doing such a collaboration. I hope they sell well!
    8. Woah I had no idea!
    9. Got a response from Bluefairy concerning the Warm Heart limited fullsets:

      "Dear bronzephoenix.

      Thank you for visit our site. :)

      Yes, Warm heart outfit set include Black dress & manteau & panty.

      And, Vallentine olive has navy manteau set, Elliot has wine manteau set. :)

      thank you!

      Blue fairy"

      So yes, the outfit is included. You can purchase an additional set of either color.
    10. Seems to be their new release procedure, that all new sculpts come out as full-set limiteds. Wow. Gonna be a long time then before I get one of the new ones. Double the price of a bare doll, even with faceup, just for an outfit I probably won't use (and won't be able to sell or get a split with someone willing to pay about $300 for the outfit --).

      And this business model of announcing sales only 1-2 days before they go live and are only live for a couple of days --- :x
    11. Oh no, I just realized I hadn't seen this thread in a while and it was because the last part ran out and didn't follow this new one! WHOOPS!

      Quick question, are the secret boxes still available? I went one day and couldn't get to the purchase page and then a couple days later I could?? Idk, seemed weird so I wanted to ask before I tried to dive in again.
    12. The Secret Boxes were available earlier in the week, but Blue Fairy is in the middle of their Lunar New Year celebration, so they're probably limiting the things people can buy while they're away. They'll probably be back on Monday with their regular February open order period.
    13. That's the worst thing!!! How can I even save up in time to get any limiteds?? And I'm not aware of any BF proxies that will help with layaway or anything. It's very frustrating and tbh have put me off a bit. I still love these dolls and want to support the company but buying them first hand has been kinda difficult...

      Okay, good to know. I would really like some TF stuff for my girls. Does anyone know if SF will fill other YoSDs? (Like *cough*dollzone*cough* perhaps?
    14. Wow you're fast lol.

      I should have linked Blue Fairy's actual message:
      Dear customers,

      Please be advised that, due to the Korean's lunar New Year holiday, our office will be closed from Feb 4th to 6th.
      Our website will be still operated and you may use shop service as usual, but services such as confirmation of order/payment or answer to Q&A board/Email will be stopped temporarily during the period.
      We will begin our regular business starting from Feb 7th.
      We apologize for any inconvenience.

      Thank you and have a lovely day!

      And unless Dollzone Yosds are a weird size, Shiny Fairy stuff will fit them. Blue Fairy's dolls are standard sizes to compete with Volks, from what I've read.
    15. LOL I had half the messaged typed when you replied.

      And THANK YOU, also good to know. I will check company measurements and make sure nothing is too far off. DZ seems to be a bit more... shapely than BF or Volks. So may only be an issue with pants being small and shirts being big? Uhh... we'll see.
    16. Whoa!!! The February dolls are up on the website, and the Monthly Special doll is Kevin! Actually, there's two Monthly Specials, but the second is Pocket Fairy Kitty (who was discontinued last year iirc). Weirdly, there's Gus pics beneath the Kevin pics, but they do have an unpainted Kevin head to see!
    17. Oh wow, I love Kevin! I'll have to pass right now, but I hope to see more Kevins around!
    18. I wish they'd let me buy just the head.... :pout: their new Special Limited Every Month strategy is really exciting, but ouch the price!
    19. They’ve still not put outfits/extra parts back on the site yet...I really want to purchase some specific spare eyes but alas uAu

      Does anyone have any god recs for eyes similar to BF’s own brand?
    20. Another month, another Limited! This time it's May V in both Boy and Girl styles! There's just one pic though; here it is snagged from instagram:

      If the boy outfit has long pants, then I'm in trouble lol
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