BlueFairy (Tiny Fairy) discussion Part 12

Dec 16, 2018

    1. Sorry for the double post, but I think you’ll forgive me....

      The monthly special is Niky! Yay!

      Edit to add: there’s two new body types available through the choice system— if you look under “Body” for Niky, there’s the Beauty option, and Knight. If you look at the Body option for the regular monthly dolls, there’s Knight but not Beauty.

      I wish they’d post pics of those soon! And I wish they weren’t phasing out the Girl and Boy bodies, too. Frowny face.
    2. Beauty or knight is the new body choices? Seems like a weird set of names to me. Very curious to see photos
    3. Yo...guys...tiny fairy just slid a new mle body under the radar. It’s the uh “Knight” body and it looks?? Really weird imo?? I think it’s just how the chest has been sculpted and sits in this weird uncanny valley between bluefairy’s normal simplified style and a more representative/realistic muscular body type. But it’s at least more body diversity for any characters being planned? What do you guys think? (Also can anyone ID the face sculpt being used here?)

    4. Lmao oh no I think it looks terrible! Yikes!!

      As for the face sculpt, isn’t it just May with heavier eyebrows?
    5. OTL I can't believe Niky is on the option this month. Bluefairy never does things when it's realistic for me!!! IM SO UPSET LOL. I hope this "monthly" option means he'll be available next year. ;3; *sadly waves "Niky Come Home 2020" flag*

      Not sure how I feel about the Knight body!! Ermm I guess my initial reaction is.. HUH. Weird for them to go the muscular route.

      @NeonLanterns @Peppermintsheep Don't think it's May. Not enough teeth. haha
    6. Oh snap, you're right-- that face is Colin!!

      I agree-- it's weird to go mature/muscular for the soft baby faces that Blue Fairy is known for. I wonder if it's to "match" the "mature" look of the Full Blossom Body??? And if the Knight sculpt is wearing normal MSD-sized clothes... he won't look too different from the Dandy or Boy or Gentle body, probably. I wonder why they made this change.
    7. I think it’s just as you said, to fit the full blossom body. I also think some of their newer sculpts are more experimental with stylisation so maybe BF is trying to change things up?

      Also- TF Colin??! Whomst??! I feel I’ve never seen or heard of that face- is he old or new? I..I kinda want him oAo!
    8. I think I would be better able to form an opinion if I saw an outfit on him. I could picture him looking really nice in some sort of military outfit (present day or historic). Even thou they have soft faces I’ve always dressed my tf as older so I guess I like him!

    9. Entrance Ceremony Colin from February 2018! He's really cute, but dang, they sure make their Limited dolls expensive :pout:

      There's a fullset of him available on Mandarake, but it's still like $600 even "used". :sweat


      Maybe he'll show up as a monthly "choice" head, who knows?
    10. Ahh thank you for the links! I think I didn’t like the full set very much (doesn’t really go with much of the aesthetic I have w my current collection) so I must have ignored it at the time! It’s a shame though because he does have a lovely face!

      I’ve been bothering Bluefairy a little on their instagram and asked if they had plans for him- but it seems like they do not! It’s a shame, especially as quite a few of their special dolls are really cute! Maybe we’ll have a choice event sometime later this year?

      Anyway, I predict at least Tommy and Jerome will be rereleased this year. Perhaps also Xiao, and then I don’t remember which sculpts had been taken off the shop aside from them?
    11. I follow Bluefairy in Twitter and I saw that photo of the new Knight body there. I feel like that's really weird future where they are going with these bodies. Very classic Tinyfairy faces are not mature enough for this body in my opinion and it kinda makes me a bit iffy about them. I like their new March limited the Speech day May Valentine, there seems to be a boy and a girl coming. (Photos can be seen in their twitter). :)
    12. @xaya UMMM!! I love that Shiny Fairy Molly!!! What a shame (for me lol) that she's a one-off and only available at the doll cafe! (Do I *need* another Shiny Fairy? Absolutely not. Do I *want* another Shiny Fairy? With all my heart!!)

      Daydream dolls have their cute "Girl" body that is the MSD-sized body, just with slightly shorter legs/arms, and I wish Blue Fairy would go *that* route with their Girl and Boy bodies, instead of taller and more mature bodies. (I wish Daydream would come back, too!!)

      And if Blue Fairy wants to do mature minis, why note revive their Lunar Fairy experiment? Remember Coyly June?

      If i recall, she wears Tiny Fairy shoes, but her head is 6-7" instead of 7-8"?? Here's the link to her page on Blue Fairy.

      I also hope that with the release of their new bodies, they will bring back their clothes/shoes/wigs/eyes for purchase, too! They make such lovely accessories!
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    13. @Peppermintsheep Oh yeah Molly is really cute, I have to agree on that. Lunar Fairy would've been the line I'd loved to see more! I like her look a lot. Her face wasn't something I thought I'd want but I think there could've been a good route with this line of dolls.
    14. After all these years my favorite bluefairy release was their Who Stole the Tarts line. I’d love for them to revisit something like that. I keep thinking it’ll come back around and waiting and waiting and waiting (has it been 10 years!?)
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    15. @skyealloway Oh yeah, Who Stole the Tarts were really nice Limiteds, I still regret not getting the Xiao from that one as I loved her outfit and look. I thought two Xiao's would be enough. xD I just had to go back to see her in their site! :blush I didn't remember she had a Pocket Fairy Jimmy in there too.
    16. The Song of Songs release was great, too— they really embraced the dolls as dolls. And there were boys’ options, too! The name sort of makes me laugh, but I liked that series.

      Just wish they’d release the outfits as a separate option, too— especially when a full limited doll set is really expensive, and it’s a doll I don’t want, or already have. :pout:
    17. Double post again orz but The Speech Day limiteds are up on the website!

      May V and Mason V will be available for purchase from March 15 to March 18 and will start shipping in July.
    18. @Peppermintsheep Oh yeah, Song of Sleeping May was my favourite and I even liked her clothes! I thought their prices were bonkers so I didn't really consider buying her back then. Separate option for the clothes and shoes would be great, I didn't like some clothes I had to buy with the doll, and it would've been so much easier to just buy the doll without clothes, maybe with make up. I just picked up some of my dolls yesterday and it was finally great feeling to handle them again after long time.
      May V and... Mason V? Well I knew they make the names like that but I wonder if that's really needed. I like May Valentine, always a classic. :)
    19. @xaya tbh I still think the limited doll prices are bonkers. And I do love this new “monthly special” where you can buy a doll that’s largely unavailable (like Kevin! Great to see him!), but I wish you had the ability to buy just the head or the makeup head.

      I know this is an expensive hobby, but selling only full dolls (and the monthly special is like $20-40 more than a basic doll, depending on your preferences) really gives me pause. I would happily splurge monthly for a makeup head of a limited doll, and figure out bodies later. But spending that much $$$ for an entire doll every month? I’ll skip it. And I’m sure other people are skipping it too, so I wonder how “popular” the Monthly Special really is. Which makes me wonder about production costs— does Blue Fairy find it too expensive on their end to just do heads, and that’s why they don’t like to sell them separately?
    20. It likely has to do with maintaining a minimum profit per purchase? I know that the profit margin on BJDs is small. The latest BF limiteds have mostly been collaborations, too, meaning that BF has to pay whoever designed and produced the outfits and faceups.

      Maybe you can message BF if you're interested in heads only? I highly doubt they'd do it for limited faceups or sculpts, since they'd have to pay the faceup artist collaborator, plus it would slow down turn-around time for people who ordered the entire fullset. (Also, in the case of limited sculpts... Limiting them is a big part of the appeal, so selling the head by itself would kind of... Offset the point of producing limited sculpts). But maybe they would consider it for Monthly Specials, since those have basic faceups and were more available in the past.

      The Song of sets were "premium" sets, so in that case you were paying more for exclusive faceups by Estebebe, an extra certificate for a backup faceup if you damage it, and a very limited run outfit. Basically, they're extra high end and exclusive, and they charge for that. Those high prices mean I have to pass on a lot of dolls... But I understand why something more rare and work by skilled/in demand artists and seamstresses costs more. I expect to pay them for their work.

      I think the TLDR here is that companies have found themselves having to adapt these days. Between the huge number of companies now compared to when BF first opened shop (ie, competition), the huuuuge glut of dolls on the second hand market, traditionally small profit margins, and recasters, companies need to find ways to stay afloat. One of the more common strategies I've seen is combining raised prices with limited releases. I know these changes are difficult for fans to accept, but... The alternative is most likely losing Bluefairy as a company, since today's market is far more challenging to survive in than it was 10 years ago.
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