BlueFairy (Tiny Fairy) discussion Part 12

Dec 16, 2018

    1. Thanks for the info, @bronzephoenix ! Obviously, I have no idea how anything works on Blue Fairy’s end, and Im just crying because I LOVE Blue Fairy and want to support them, but it’s becoming more and more difficult to do anything but window shop.

      I don’t want to message them and ask them to make an exception for me and sell just the head... I don’t even send food back at restaurants!

      But it’s really really interesting to know all that background stuff. I knew Songs was Premium, but I didn’t know what the meant and how it differed from Limited.
    2. Oh my gosh, the knight body is possibly perfect~! I've been searching for a body for a Roxas from Kingdom Hearts, and the broad shoulders with tiny waist is exactly what I was after~ I've never bought from Blue Fairy before, but from what I've read on their site would I be correct in assuming you can buy just bodies during order periods, and it's only heads they won't sell separate? It said that option parts are available along with dolls, and bodies are under the option parts category so I hope that's right ^^'
    3. @bronzephoenix Oh yeah, the Premium dolls, I remember them. Paying some more for good quality clothes and face ups is something I can do if the doll is excactly what I'm looking for. I have one premium doll, Sweet Day Louis and he still has Xiao's signature at the back of his head. :) He had fantastic set of clothes and items with him (I still have them even if he doesn't wear them).
    4. @Peppermintsheep I’m with you re feeling I only get to window shop; I would have purchased a few more loose heads and outfits/small bits if Bluefairy offered them; usually because of shipping costs I end up waiting til they have lots that I want and buy something all in one go- right now that’s a little harder since they’re dolls only come in specific ways and then go away for indeterminant amounts of time XD I think Elliot and Collin would be sculpts I’d love to have as just a head for now while I stew over plans or save up for a body, but since they aren’t available out of full set I have to give it a miss every time :,)

      @sugarstitch hey! That sounds great- I’d love to see a BF doll turned into Roxas! he’s one of my faves from KH and Bluefairy are..p much the only doll company I buy from :,)
      Bluefairy have been changing their process for buying dolls a lot over the past few years since I’ve been in the hobby- right now they do order periods every month with face sculpts rotating out. You should check and see which sculpt you’d like for a roxas and then wait for that period (unless you already had a head in mind or were hybriding!)
    5. @NeonLanterns Haha, he's defs a fave of mine too, eventually hoping to have both him and Namine in doll form~ I've already got a head for him (a unoa B-el) but looking at the measurements I'm a bit worried it might be a touch too big... But this is the first body I've seen that's close to KH character's weird shoulder/chest shape lol. Not sure yet whether to just take the plunge and hope for the best aha. The body could work for a different idea if it doesn't work for him, though I planned to cut back on dolls :sweat So the body at least should be available separate?
    6. @Peppermintsheep I'm friends with an artist/sculptor, so I know a little about that side of the process through them. All the various ways things can go wrong for doll makers and the hardships are really daunting *_* I sometimes fret over the future of bjds/my favorite companies when I hear about that stuff... I tell myself that BF will be okay if we support them when we can/when we see just the right set or item for us.

      @xaya Oh man Sweet Day Louis is one of my all-time fave TF sets!!!! I think I was in high school when he was released, so there was no way for me to buy him, but he is perfect :love Then I think the Songs sets came out when I was in college, so again, I had zero dollars :XD: Maybe they will release new premium sets one day!
    7. @bronzephoenix that is honestly great to know that kind of stuff. The more I know about the processes, the less entitled and impatient I feel about things. I also collect Jerry Berries, which is owned and operated by 2 people I think, and every time they have an order period open, they are overwhelmed by the number of orders that they get. Then on their Instagram, people who didn’t get to order will complain and whine and harass the JB artists. It’s really ugly. (In the knitting world, the entitlement is also off the scale, and I see these adult women lose their sh#t when a box of yarn takes a few days longer to get to their house than they think is acceptable. It’s yarn!! It’s not their medications or prescription pet food that needs to get somewhere fast!)

      So while I may gripe and whine a little on here, I’m absolutely never going to take my complaints to Blue Fairy themselves; they’re busy doing work, and I’m just venting a little. But knowledge is power, so thank you for the insight to all the “backstage” goings-on!
    8. changing the subject a little- who’s waiting on dolls?

      I’m really looking forward to my Gus arriving uAu!! I think he’s due to arrive sometime next month?

      Also who dp you think will be the next monthly special order? I’m thinking either Jerome or Tommy- if it’s tommy tho...RIP bank account...
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    9. I'm waiting for a doll from another company but I'm interested to see photos of Fairy May with the pointed ears. ^-^

      Maybe Tommy will be the next special order. I love them both but Jerome <3 is special for me. Hehee :)
    10. Some news!! From March 25 to March 27 2019, these dolls will be available for purchase:
      • Open Eyes Nano Fairy
      • Closed Eyes Nano Fairy
      • Nano Friend Roro
      • Goods (wig, dress, shoes, wings) for Nano Fairy
      • Little Girl Anna (1st edition)
      • Dear Belle - Noel (43 cm)
      • Ohee - Ophelia head (8.5 inch, compatible with these bodies: Blue Fairy, SD9, SD13, SD16)
      I'm posting this here in the TF thread because it seems to really be the only one still awake. (I'm interested to see Blue Fairy's "friend" companies' offerings in the future, although it looks like they took off the pages for their old "friend" dolls.)

      Here's Noel, if you wanted to see!
    11. The Ophelia head made me do a double take- it doesn’t look like blue fairy styling at all!
    12. Looks like Noel is a tad bit smaller than Tinyfairy, I compared the measurements. Her foot is 1mm longer but it's slimmer (foot width: 2.4cm). Ah now that I read the text trough it's a friend company doll. xP Anyway, but I do like her look.

      Tinyfairy measurements:

      *height : 42~44cm
      *head : 7-8inch
      *arm : 13cm
      *chest : 17cm
      *waist : 14.5cm
      *hip : 18.5cm
      *leg : 21cm
      *foot : 5.5cm
      *foot width : 3cm
      *hand : 3.5cm
      *neck : 7.3cm

      : Noel Size

      *height : 42.5cm
      *head : 7.5inch
      *shoulder : 9.3cm
      *arm : 13cm
      *chest : 16.3cm
      *waist : 13.5cm
      *hip : 19cm
      *thigh : 11.3cm
      *leg : 21cm
      *foot : 5.6cm
      *foot width : 2.4cm
      *neck : 7cm
    13. Oh nooooooooo I really want her... for science! Just wish she came with her outfit and wig OR that blue fairy would start selling their doll accessories again :chibi
    14. Yo guys! Bluefairy are doing a wig box; a bit tempted to gamble on it tbh but...i want to also hold out for a tommy monthly special>~<

      Anyway, do you guys ever want BF to do a shorter MSD? Like a 40cm boy+girl doll. If I remember correctly, didn’t daydream do something similar at one point with a shorter doll? I really liked the variety of sizes they had u~u
    15. Does anyone have the Beauty body (or any pictures of it)? I've been trying to find IRL photos since it was shown on the site but I've had no luck lol

      I personally have just never been a fan of the Neo body, I think the peanut joints are really clunky and lack the grace of the Classic body so for that reason I haven't bothered ordering directly from BF since they discontinued Classic, but the Beauty body seems to be much prettier than Neo!

      I honestly have no idea what's even going on with the Beauty body though, it's not available in the Option Part section and it's not an option on any of the TF listings that I can see (though it was an option during the last pre-order iirc)

      Maybe I should just stick to buying used dolls, I seem to prefer a yellowed doll over a new one anyway but it would be nice to get a Baked Olive if/when they do that again. BF is so confusing lol
    16. @NeonLanterns id love for Blue Fairy to do a slightly shorter MSD! That’s what I thought the “new Junior May” April special was going to be. I thought “Wow, that’s confusing to have Junior Fairies and Junior Tiny Fairies?” But it seems that this months special is literally just Junior Fairy May. I do have two of the “Girl” sized bodies from Daydream, and I love the variation in height that they add to my crew.

      @lunar-dream304 i saw that photo of the new body, too, but now I can’t find it!!
    17. wig boxes? oooooo
      that's exciting.

      So what's actually in them? 3ea or 6ea? Wha? I mean wigs are always useful... ahem.

      and BF do have some nice wigs.
    18. I think it says on the item page, if you select 30$ option there will be 3 wigs and then 60$ option would be the 6 wigs!

      Is anyone planning on getting the wig box? I'm a little curious and...gachapon stuff like this always tempts me honestly....but
      I'd much rather pick wigs ): Also I wish they'd allow a mix gender option?
    19. I'm soooorely tempted by the wig boxes. BF has some really nice versatile wigs.

      Tiny Fairy are 7-8 usually right? with shiny being 6-7 sized.
      So I might be better off ordering the shiny ones because most of my msd dolls are 6-7. My BF has a big noggin lol.

      but wiiiiigsssss *stockpiles* hahaha