BlueFairy (Tiny Fairy) discussion Part 12

Dec 16, 2018

    1. @skyealloway They posted the same pic on Instagram earlier in the week! I wonder if "Boys - Season 1" means that next month, it will be the girl versions of this?? Or something?? ^^;; I can't predict Blue Fairy's moves at all.
    2. I'm a big admirer of Blog and she has uploaded to her patterns section of her website one of my favorite outfits so I've been working on making it for Tiffany. Its slow going but I just finished the vest bit and thought I'd snap a shot
      [​IMG]Outfit in Progress by Skyealloway, on Flickr
      The sleeves are just pinned on here. So to do is the undershirt and the three layers of skirts...and i also have a brooch planned.
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    3. @skyealloway that outfits looking lovely! I like the colours you chose for the fabric, it looks really good on your doll!

      I just got a shipping notice from Bluefairy today- my Gus is on his way !! I need to think up new names for my dolls tho lmao...
      Anyway, I’ve been pretty torn up because a few dolls I really like have appeared on the marketplace ! But BF also hinted last year they’d re-release Tommy (Who I uh. Have been waiting for since then) and there’s been no word 3:
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    4. I wonder why the Season One Boys limited May S Sarang V and Charlotte is only available on Blue Fairy’s Korean website, but not the international one?
    5. I have a feeling Bluefairy just hasn't got round to updating their site XD
    6. @Peppermintsheep They're available now, I just went to check a few minutes ago. Sarang V is so cute XD
    7. Yeah, it looks like they forgot to update. I was expecting to see them on Monday!

      I love love love Charlotte, but I can't swing a Limited again so soon after the last one... so if anyone's planning on ordering, I'd be interested in paying for an extra outfit or two ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    8. I love the new boys, I'm so sad I won't be able to get one. ):

      On another note, my dolls are in serious need of shoes. I've known BF feet are hard to get shoes for, so what are everyone's suggestions? Shops or brands? SHOE MY BABIES
    9. My gal wears a variety of bluefairy brand shoes or just regular MSD shoes from the marketplace. I haven’t shopped for shoes for her for many years so maybe it’d morr difficult now that there is such variety in MSD dolls
    10. My kids are either in Blue Fairy shoes, or Leeke World. So far, I’ve never had trouble fitting them on their feet?

      Leeke World does some really lovely shoes and boots that are more mature/grown-up than what you usually see offered for MSDs. Some shoes will need tip-toe feet, though.

      Their YOSD shoes will fit Shiny Fairies, but if you’ve got Junior Fairies, you’re either stuck with Blue Fairy’s shoes for them, or you can do the hilarious thing where you buy Shiny Fairy feet and put them on your Junior Fairy’s legs, and then they can wear yosd shoes. You just have to get over the fact that you’ve given them little baby feet and now they look silly lol
    11. Hey guys!! Looks like Bluefairy is doing a baked skin event!

      My Gus is also nearly here, and I wound up buying another tinyfairy on the expect photo spam soon???
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    12. YOOOOOOOOO! Tiny Fairy shoes are back on the website! Also wigs: Tiny Fairy (7-8), Shiny Fairy (6-7), Pocket Fairy (4) and Milky Fairy (3)!! They're all set to "sold out" right now, but it's a good sign that they're back up on the website, right???? :D
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    13. i've been waiting for this!!!! I'm going to finally be getting a baked sarang! :D
      i wanted a baked sarang to shell my character fiat as my first doll back in 2013, but they weren't offering baked so i just got a normal skin. i still have him and he's one of my favourites to this day. ^^ i've been saving specifically for this since the last baked choice, so now i'll have two of him! :D one for stories and photoshoots and one to keep as a cuddle buddy. :D i wanna double-shell lee as a white-skin patrick too, since they finally offer ws all the time now but i really really need to watch my spending. ;__;

      i'm really excited to see your gus, please post pics as soon as he gets here! :D

      my alex came in (thanks to @Peppermintsheep ;) ) but the weathers been nasty for like a month straight. i really wanna take some cute pictures of him outside though.... i just don't like taking my babies out on gross days... ;__;

      that's exciting!!! i really like bluefairy's shoes, although i'm kind of meh on most of their clothes...... i'm SO glad their wigs may be coming back though, they're really nice quality, perfect for their price too. :0

      also, i asked bluefairy if they'll be doing option parts for the baked event. gotta get my fist hands!

      hmm.... this'll be my eleventh tiny fairy.... i'm starting to think i may have a problem. XD
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    14. Gosh I've really wanted Baked Tinyfairy. I feel like mybaked May Valentine has changed colour to more olive tone since I bought her, she is still gorgeous doll. I was thinking of two new girls but it's going to be difficult to decide as I've really wanted a doll from another maker and that'd cost more than one baked Tinyfairy. :/ This Baked order is until 10th?
    15. Yes, it’s the same first Monday thru Friday of the month ordering period.
    16. Just when I cursed myself for passing on the deadline to purchase a Bluefairy boy in baked skin... here comes Season 2 boys and now I am in love with the idea of getting a Somang in baked skin.

      I told myself no more bjd boys until I get my room renovated but knowing that I won’t get him Sept/Nov might give me a chance to finish before he arrives.
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    17. Hello everybody!

      My first Bluefairy arrived home just few days ago - she's a Tiny Fairy - Twinkle Little Star Somang - I found in the second-hand market. I truly love her and I hope you don't mind I share with you few pics of her :D


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    18. She’s beautiful!!! What a lucky find! I love how you’ve styled her— that flower crown really makes the outfit!
    19. @Peppermintsheep

      Thank you!
      She was available as naked doll, with her default wig, eyes, bag and tip toe feet but without the Twinkle Little Star outfit - sigh :( ( I hope to find it, one day!)
      Anyway, I feel very lucky I have found her, she's so pretty! And that pink is a great color on her, you are right!
    20. I've had my Robin for about two years now and I still haven't found him any jeans. He's on the gentle body and the ones I bought him in the past were either too short or too slim for him. I'm now back on the hunt but not getting very far.