BlueFairy (Tiny Fairy) discussion Part 12

Dec 16, 2018

    1. @Jupeycat I bought some jeans from Alice’s Collection that fit my Gentle Yuri great!

      I’ve got the dark wash version, but there’s a lighter wash version, too. It’s made from stretchy jean material, rather than a heavier woven denim, so it’s a little easier to get it on the doll. The sun’s gettin real low (lol) where I am, so I’ll try and get a pic tomorrow instead.
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    2. Thanks for this! Can your boy sit down in them? My dolls are all sitting in a cupboard and he's definitely too tall to stand in there.
    3. So I went back to Alice's Collections to look at my order history, and it looks like the dark wash jeans I linked to are NOT actually what I bought. The ones I bought were from the BRPB brand, and the dark wash are gone. They've got "black", though, and a light wash, and a distressed light wash, and a distressed regular wash. :( Maybe the cycle what they've got, and the dark wash BRPB jeans will make a comeback. I like the quality of them so much, that I would not hesitate to buy other pants from this brand.

      Yes, he can sit down in the jeans! I didn't take any sitting down pictures, but he sat on my shelf all night until he could have a few reluctant pics today. (The sitting down problem is the doll-- he likes to straighten out and lay back, so I didn't want to wrestle with him to get a sitting pic.)

      Here's a screenshot, but the links show the full size pictures.
      Full size front:
      Full size back:
      Full size closer-up of front:

      He's wearing his sister's shoes, so you can see the pant legs go ALL THE WAY DOWN! They're a little baggy in the butt when he's standing, but it all works out when he's sitting. Also, both the front and back pockets are REAL!! Like... what does this doll need real pockets for.... I don't even have real front pockets on my for-humans adult-sized jeans...
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    4. I noticed while paying that there's a Layaway option... does anyone know how that works?
    5. Ugh, sorry for the double post but this this thread moves slowly... and I come bearing news!!!

      The June limited dolls are coming!! They're a cute new mold "Joanne" or "Joshua"!!
      Blue Fairy on Instagram: “Coming soon, New type Limited doll of JUNE 'Joshua & Joanne' #bluefairydoll #블루페어리 #BJD”
      Blue Fairy on Instagram: “Coming soon, New type Limited doll of JUNE '??? & Joanne' #bluefairydoll #블루페어리 #BJD @atelieroz9073”

      Edit: the page on BF's website is live!! It's a short order period-- from today Monday June 17 to Wednesday June 19.
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    6. Well, it’s the first Monday of the month, but the website has not yet been updated... I’m excited to see what the July special is! (My bank account is decidedly NOT excited, but that’s fine lol)

      Did anyone order Joanne or Justin??? They’re super cute! (I missed my chance bc of some unexpected vet bills that bit into my Saving Up For Fun Stuff funds, but it’s all fine— the cat’s okay, and maybe J/J will be released again someday!)

      Edit: hi gang, here’s a translated message from Blue Fairy’s Korean site (link here):
      Hi. Blue Fairy.
      The transfer of Blue Fairy from June 25 to 28 is scheduled.
      During this period, it is difficult to consult on the bulletin board, so thank you for your understanding.
      Also, the Monthly Preorder scheduled for July 1 will be changed from July 8 to 12.
      The new address will be listed at the bottom of the official site after the transfer is complete.
      If you are planning to exchange or return a product,
      Please pay special attention to the shipping period.
      We will do our best so that there will be no disruption to the delivery work scheduled for early July.
      I would like to express my gratitude to those who always support Blue Fairy.
      Thank you.
      Blue Fairy.​

      Looks like they’re moving buildings, and the July preorder WILL happen, it will just be delayed until next week.
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    7. Updates on the July pre-order!!

      They're introducing a Blue Fairy-sized May!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Dear customers,

      Please be informed of the July monthly pre-order as follow
      Order Period: July 8th, 17:00 - July 12th, 17:00 in Korean time (5 days)
      Please make sure to finish the payment by July 12th as any orders of payment overdue will be cancelled without notice.

      *Available types:
      BF - May (New)
      TF - May, Emilie, Sarang, Kyle
      SF - May, Hana, Benjamin
      PF - Minimay, Choco, Yoko
      MF - All types

      Unique - Anna, Nano fairy, Nano frends Roro.

      And Option Parts

      * Monthly Special : X
      * Friends : Zephyros - Alphie, of D - Garnet, Dear belle - Noel
      *Lead Time
      Monthly : no make-up order : from September 6th 2019 ~
      make-up order : from November 7th 2019 ~

      Thank you and have a lovely day!
      ALSO: Kyle-lovers, listen up!!
      Dear customers.

      Tiny Fair Kyle type will be converted to limited type from August 21 as part of some general sales type replacements.
      Kyle's Last Order will be accepted by August 20th, as the information is urgent.

      Beginning in October, a new type of head will be registered as a general sale head for Kyle's position.
      Please give us lots of support and Love.

      Thank you.
      Blue fairy. ​

      So there's your news for the day!!
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    8. I want that giant May!!! And she's in her uniform so she's not limited or anything, right? This is the best Blue Fairy news I've heard in ages. Can't wait for more photos.

      Sorry Kyle...
    9. I don't collect the big dolls but I'm excited to see big may! Any pictures up?
    10. Uhh she probably is limited, at least in the time sense. Bluefairy hasn't announced any standard Blue Fairy sized lineup, so if you want her, I would try to get her during this release, or ask Bluefairy ASAP what their future release plans are. Basically, we can't make assumptions until they've established a standard release schedule for the big dolls.

      Here is the link to the announcement and preview pic.
    11. I don’t think she comes with the uniform, because BF Miley didn’t have a clothing option when she was a monthly special in May. That’s why I was asking in the other thread how easy is it to find clothes for them. Idk how SD sizing works lol
    12. Her sales thread is up! I think the original TF May has a more balanced sculpt- you can mostly see the difference in the profile pic- but... BIG MAY! What do you guys think? Maybe I'll try to take a profile pic of my TF May today. Maybe also a picture of TF Sarang vs TF Miley? Actually, I do have a pic of those together, to give an idea of what similar sculpts look like in TF vs BF.


      Miley and Sarang are different, but on a technical level, Sarang is easily the "better" sculpt. Miley has this thing where her eyewells are so huge and tilted that only extremely high dome eyes work, and then she ends up looking like this :aeyepop: Like, with this blank stare because you can't position the eyes any way but straight on. I actually carved resin out of her head to make the eyes fit better, which I don't consider "standard" BJD maintenance. But still, I'm very happy I have a Miley, I adore her.

      If it helps, the BF SDs are comparable to a standard Volks SD10/13, they're just a touch slimmer. They're easy to dress unless you're picky about clothes being a touch loose.
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    13. I put a comparison image of BF May vs TF May and TF May V below the cut! I also included a Miley vs Sarang comparison on my blog.

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    14. Ahhh thank you for the pics and the reviews!! A little worried about the Miley eye-well problem.... But I’ll deal with that in like... September??? When she comes.
    15. She'll come with a pair of eyes that fit, or at least, mine did. So worst case scenario, you'll have one pair XD
    16. Big May is really pretty!! Though I'd want it to be a boy and I'm sure hybriding is a pain lol For eyewell issues, you can buy an eye beveler. They're really handy for helping eyes fit in tricky heads.

      I'm also glad I am bringing home an older Kyle finally!

    17. Pre orders are opennnnnnnn!!!!!
    18. I was hoping to pick up a wig with my preorder but it looks like they're set to "sold out." Does anyone know when this changes or has Bluefairy not been taking orders for them for a while?
    19. @Peppermintsheep My boy's jeans arrived and they are perfect, thank you so much again for your help.
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