BlueFairy (Tiny Fairy) discussion Part 12

Dec 16, 2018

    1. @rainglow they seem to have cleared out their entire stock of wigs/eyes/clothes/shoes, and aren't really selling them anymore. During pre-orders, a few items here and there seem available to purchase (right now, the items available are: TF Stiletto Pumps, TF Fit Boots, TF Catwalk-- all shoes for Tiny Fairy girls. TF Stiletto Pumps require the Stiletto feet, which are different from the Tip-Toe feet.) The last time wigs were available was May 2019, and the last time clothing was available... I think it was their special/secret boxes that they finally ran out of in... I want to say February 2019? Isn't that disappointing! :( If you need some wigs, there's always Leekeworld, though their stock has seemed to wane and never has recovered, idk why. There's also Hannasu, which has slow communication but very nice wigs in a huge variety of sizes-- if you've Pocket or Milky fairies, she sells 3-4" wigs!!! (Hannasu is the company the was doing the mohair wigs for Leeke, but then became their own company.) Of course, you can also buy wigs from other doll companies (I've bought wigs from Luts and I've looked at some from Crobidoll). But yeah-- it's a real bummer that you can't one-stop-shop at Blue Fairy anymore!

      @Jupeycat HOORAY!!!! Isn't that great when the clothes work out like you hoped they would??? I'm glad your boy has some jeans that fit!! :D
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    2. @Peppermintsheep Thank you so much for the info! That's a shame they don't sell everything now- I really should have picked up my Sarang years ago but things happen for a reason. I'm so excited because she was the first bjd I fell in love with. I've had to push off this purchase for a long time! I might pick up the TF Fit Boots too. I'm guessing you swap out feet the same way as hands?
      I've never heard of Hannasu before so I'm gonna check them out! The wig I really wanted was the carrot one the old Sarang default had in the pictures, but I'm sure I'll be able to find another long wig with bangs since it's not the wildest style out there. I've heard good things about Luts wigs before. Would you say they're pretty soft? I did buy a Leeke wig before but felt it was kinda scratchy.
    3. I'd never come across Hannasu before either and they seem to have some great stuff - thanks for the info!
    4. :) A couple years ago (gah-- years??) Leeke announced that they wouldn't be producing their mohair wigs anymore, so that's when I heard about Hannasu. I've gotten some heat-resistant wigs in 6-7" from them (for shiny/junior fairies), and 3-4" mohair for the pocket/milky fairies. They don't... answer their question board online in a timely manner... I asked a question last June 2018, and they finally answered in October 2018 lmao.

      Luts' wigs are nice!! I ordered a few for my Junior/Shinies, and I'm really pleased with how soft they are. Oh dear, and I see Luts has updated their wigs... curses, how will I resist? ;)

      I've also ordered a few wigs from Fatiao on etsy (mostly for Pocket Fairies-- they actually used Pocket Fairies to model some of their 3-4" wigs!!). So now you know my dirty secrets... my dolls have very few clothes, but they've got some great hair lol
    5. I've been watching Bluefairy's site for the shoes for so long and it's so disappointing they're not having them in stock. :( Too bad Kyle is going, I'm glad I got my boy. I've ordered some clothes for my boys (and girls) from a tiny group order and the Finnish post is just so slow with them... I hope they'll arrive soon. :)
    6. The new July Limiteds have been announced! It’s (Girl) Rachel and a new type (girl) Dylan! I’ll try to embed the insta post (I’m on mobile here). Dylan looks a little pensive and pouty... wish they’d have a few more cheerful heads, like Emma and Somang more often!

      Ah okay, I can only link to the post, not the picture. Ps, the order period is really short— it’s just July 26 to July 28.

      Check out the Instagram post here!
    7. dang that IS a short order period. I don't think I like how brief these order periods are, nor the eye watering price of the limited runs. I admit i'm finding BF's business model more and more awkward.
      I still kinda want a friend for my Louis but i'm not sure if I should get Olive like I planned all those years ago or what... hmmm.
    8. @purple_monkfish i agree, not only is the Monthly Special during the regular order period usually a limited, but then the mid-monthly Limited Dolls are really too many in too short a time! The thing that really makes me cry is that they introduce a completely new head mold... and then they never offer those heads again.

      It would be cool if Blue Fairy would do something like “Older Limited Sculpts Choice” event in summer or winter, and then have a “Newer Limited Sculpts Choice” event in winter or summer.

      (“Older” like Allen and Berry and Lin and Isabel and Kate and Kevin and Gus and Xiao, etc)
      (“Newer” like Emma and Mari and Colin and Joanne and Elliot etc)
    9. I don't fully understand why their monthly orders aren't available for the WHOLE month anyway. Why do they only take orders for like a week max? it's wierd man.
    10. They have a limited order period because there are such few people working for them (probably no more than 4 people operating the entire business), and they cannot keep up with constant order periods. If they limit order periods to just one week, then they can start production on those orders all at the same time, and work methodically, instead of having a bunch of orders in various states of completion. And it gives them a more concrete idea of how long it takes before orders ship out.

      I’ve seen horror stories from doll owners about other companies and wait times up to two years (whatttttt!!!!), so if this is what Blue Fairy has to do to meet demand and keep wait times down, then it’s fine with me. It probably also helps on their end to have only 1/4 of their dolls available per month, too. Helps on my end as well— I know what to plan for!
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    11. Yes but a week really isn't enough time for people to order. When I ordered my Louis the order period was literally THREE DAYS! that's ridiculous.
    12. Whelp, at least it's easier than getting a doll from Volks (whom I also love). BF offers a clear schedule for their standard dolls that potential buyers can check and prepare for any time, and there are no lottos or click wars. And they do, at least, give roughly two weeks notice for limiteds. The trouble, of course, is scraping the funds together during the warning period.

      It also helps to follow their Insta account, since they show the first preview picture there long before it hits their own news page on their site. To me, that's the odd thing. You'd think they'd advertise it on their own site first, not on Insta first. Bottom line, definitely follow their Insta.

      At this point, it's so difficult for bjd companies to turn a profit without sacrificing quality control and wait times that I do my best to put up with/understand whatever they have to do, even if it's Volks lotteries and click wars.
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    13. Volks and Soom oh god... I hate how hard they are.

      I'm still weighing up if I want an Olive. Back when I first discovered bjds my plan was a Louis and an Olive. Olive being on the standard shorter girl body and Louis on the Dandy body. I have a Dandy Louis but of course so many years later i'm like "mmm do I want sulky lil' Olive?"

      I think she's a "when I have a wad of cash burning a hole in my pocket" doll lol. Or a "when they inevitably discontinue her without any notice arghhhh" panic buy.

      Does anyone have an Olive? Come on, tempt me with Olives!
    14. You can always look on Mandarake for a cheaper Blue Fairy... there’s no Olives today (but she’s often available!), but here’s the results for “Blue Fairy” in the search box: Blue Fairy. Also luckily, I think Olive and May are the two sculpts that aren’t going anywhere... that’s why I’ve waited to buy them, too! I’ve purchased a few dolls from Mandarake, and it’s easier than expected. Read their How To Order, and you’ll figure it out.

      Definitely follow Blue Fairy’s Instagram— I can’t hotlink their pics anymore bc it’s against the rules (sorry, DOA), but they’re beautiful. They don’t post often, either; only when they’re going to be selling soon.
    15. Bluefairy gave almost two months' notice for discontinuing Kyle. The announcement went up on 7/3 that his final ordering period ends 8/20. You can still buy one through that date, but not after.

      As peppermintsheep pointed out, Olive and May are the highest profile Tiny Fairy sculpts, so no worries about not being able to buy them! In fact, I'd be surprised if they don't release an SD size Olive at some point, too.
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    16. I agree with you Peppermintsheep and bronzephoenix, May and Olive are their highest profile dolls.

      I've had several projects going on and soon one of them will be finished, and that is FINALLY getting somekind of dresser thing for my dolls. Bought some simple small plywood dressers from Ikea and stained them, my sister bought some pulls from Amazon for me as I couldn't find ones I liked. Next thing to do is to have a drawer for each doll (or two in one, size matters) and lets see how much each of them have clothes. I bet Kaisla (Midsummer Night's Dreaming Lin) is one who has most clothes. :XD:
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    17. Xaya, I saw that dresser on your Instagram! It looks amazing! I’d been eyeing my own dresser for yarn storage, but I think doll storage is the better solution. Please post some pics of it here, too!
    18. Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh they’re so lovely!!!! Looks like you can’t buy a second set of the clothes though, weep.

      I wonder if this is going to push the August order back a week, too? Gosh, I hope the Monthly Special For August isn’t going to be something I covet.... @[email protected]