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BlueFairy TinyFairy New Dandy Boy Body + Louis Make-Up /head

Oct 12, 2007

    1. sales page

      sales page

      So far, it seems like you can only get it from the option parts section. Note that the picture of the Louis girl appears to be one that is one the Blossom Body, and the Louis boy appears to be much taller. I'm guessing he's on the Dandy Body in that picture, then. That's a really, really nice height difference.
    2. Please tell us if they update with the actual hight of the body. I'm sure others (definitely me) are interested to know.
    3. Can anyone tell me if the hands are different? i can't tell. . .
    4. The fingers look like they're seperated...
    5. The hands are definitely different. The current hands have shorter fingers, and are arched more -- here's pix from my most recent photostory chapter. Ignore the fact that he's M-preg, and just look at the hands!