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BlueFairy update!!

Oct 24, 2004

    1. They have the Blossom Body (mature one) on their English site,
      so I just ordered it for my Emilie! I like this body :wink:

      PocketFairy Yoko and Minimay also are avaliable now :daisy
    2. Choco's discontinued? When did that happen? :( Now I'm going to be paranoid about them discontinuing Tommy before I can buy him...
      The blossom body's pretty cute, though.
    3. *beams* If I were to get a MSD girl, I'd want her on that body! BlueFairy is my favorite BJD maker right now. Hopes that they will make beauty white dolls (esp beauty white boys)! *crosses fingers*
    4. That's my post, but it showed up as guest! *_* Weird...
    5. if you read the notice on their site they say that choco is only temporarily discontinued due to problems making his wig, and that as soon as they make a new style of wig that's more reliable to make, they will re-release choco.

      also some of the pocket fairies like yoko have been restocked
    6. Choco's a boy?
      *always assumed all of the minis were girls* Whoops.
      Anyway, I agree with MulderLestatBlk - I want a beauty white Xiao boy. :D *melts*
    7. Where is this notice? I looked through the Notice section and didn't see anything about a wig, but people keeping talking about it so it has to be somewhere...
    8. I got the notice about Choco as a pop-up window on their English site.
      *sniffle* I hope they have a new Choco up soon... and that he'll be just as cute with a new wig.
    9. :o Ok, I'm going to have to start turring off my popup blocker more often.