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Bluefairy:: "Who stole the tarts?" Limited Edition

Oct 27, 2009

    1. So this is coming out of the NEW company I heard BF changed hands its looking good!
      How did you find out about it? good catch ;)
    2. They changed hands? :( Has the resin color changed?
    3. BlueFairy got taken over by the owner of Minoru World, not a new company. They've had their own limited BlueFairy dolls before. ^^

      riversoblood> From what I can see in the photos, the hands look the same. Boy, girl, dandy (I'm not sure if for like blossom too) have always had different hands.
    4. I think by hands she means who is in charge of the company. I wonder if they will be the Minoru resin? I do love that resin as you said they already produced quite a few blue fairy editions.
    5. They want you to give your CC information on an E-mail?... that's not very safe.
    6. Yes, that's what I meant, Treelore. Gah, I hope they haven't changed the resin recently! I want my head to match the new bodies!

      Acexkeikai, when I ordered, they had an online system that took my credit card. No dangerous email mailing or anything.
    7. BF resins haven't change ^ ^ one member in THAIBJD compare old BF resins(before renewal site) and new BF resins(after renewal site) the resins is same.
      you can find compare pictures in BF discussions thread. post by Peach_mkpank ^___^