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Blythism.net first launch for SD13 girl clothing~~

Dec 5, 2007

    1. [​IMG]






      Free gift


      For those who want to make a order, kindly PM Blythism ^_^
      She will reply you promptly~~~
    2. Why did you select the name blythism? sounds like popular Blythe doll? I would like to know the meaning to you ?
    3. Hi,TreeLore
      Kobo is my friend,
      i am the designer of Blythism,
      Blythism start its bussiness with Blythe clothing at the very beginning since 2002, so it is named Blythism at that time.

      I have run doll clothing Business for 5 years since i was in 17 years old, I have just graduation from University main in (Hons)fashion design , there will have more designs for different doll coming out soon.

      I hope to make more fashionable clothings to different doll
    4. Thanks^^
      I hope people will like my designs
      I was new to this forum, i wanna know when can i post photos?
    5. Will you be doing SD 13 boy clothing as well? I really like the style :D
    6. You can post more pictures here of anything you have to offer as far as I know?

      You are limited in the number of pictures you can post in one post this is why people sometimes hold a couple of post places which they fill. You can also take multiple pictures and pu them into one large long one. Not sure if thats your question?

      If you want to post pictures of your own dolls - not related to sales you can post here: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=16
    7. My ebay acc: blythism2002
    8. Will you be doing slim mature mini clothes too at some point?

    9. Hi Carolyn
      Is slim mature mini clothes means 1/4 msd size??
      there are so many body sizes in bjd world, it makes me confuses>.<
    10. Yes Blythism ~ I believe she means the smaller scale 1/4 size like Unoa, Narae, ect. ^^
    11. Hi Mishibi,
      is 1/4 msd size is that mean 1:4 outfits??
      i was new to bjd , actually i wanna start with more doll type, however i know less about it .
      If many people request me to do 1/4 msd , i may buy one to do it , haha~
      what is it price range?
    12. Is there a chance that these clothes can also fit my Standart Dollfie Megu? Or would they be much too tall?