Bobo from Domuya

Jun 18, 2006

    1. Yesterday my new Boy arrived and what can I say but WOW
      I havent seen much or read much about Bobo , or seem much about him
      but when that poor little boy came up
      in the market place , I felt a small tug at my heart especially when I got home from my Holiday
      and he was still available I bought him
      I had it in mind to change his head , or give him a new face-up
      but when he came I liked him , I did frost his lips
      He came in his so cool sleeping bag ,
      the body is awesome , I have always thought the YOSD as the most posable body
      but the Domuya is awesome
      and the resin is a lovely colour , I think an underestimated doll
      and a doll we could be seeing more of
      for those of you who like poseing and taking photographs , this doll is second to none
      Im very , very pleased
      I called him Frodo :daisy

      more of him here
    2. He's really lovely, for a boy!
    3. Yay! Bobo love!!!
      I have a Bobo, from one of Domuya's events. I love his funny face!!!
      He's definitely underappreciated, but that just makes me love him more!

      Congratulations Tinybear!!!

    4. I adore my Bobo. I just don't play with him much because he's one of the OOAK faceup'd ones. He's just so cute!

      Your Bobo is no exception, he's terribly adorable. =^_^=
    5. thanks guys
      Yup Im just in awe , love him to bits :aheartbea
    6. He's very cute....looks similar to Banji, I think. Funny that you don't see him often, he's adorable.
    7. He is adorable!!!

      I have orderd one as well, my first BJD boy :)
    8. Congratulation Vivi

      hear are some shots of the amazing body he has