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Contest Bobobie 2011 Doll Picture Contest--Postponed until August 10

May 28, 2011

    1. Bobobie Doll Mall Picture Contest http://www.bobobie.com/bbs/viewforum.php?f=17
      All the Bobobie customers are welcome to joint the contest.

      Time: May 25 to July 25 Participants can post their entries during the peorid.

      Dolls: Bobobie and RS, all sizes

      Contest Content: It is a doll picture content. The doll or dolls should be in an outdoor scene or in a doll house, or other good stttings. The doll should be dressed up. The entries will be judged by photo quality, uniqueness and originality of the entries, doll style(dressing, faceup, etc)
      Every participant can post 5 pictures at most.


      One first prize: 45% discount coupon. Winner can order upto $500 with the coupon within one year.

      Three second prize: 35% diso(ignore me, my vocabulary is underdeveloped) coupon, Winner can order upto $500 with the coupon within one year.

      Five third prize: 25% discount coupon. The winners can order upto $500 within one year.
    2. The contest was postponed to August 10. There are still 10 days to go.