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Bobobie 60cm Apollo discussion

Oct 5, 2007

    1. I can't seem to find very much info on him. I want him to be my next dollie, and my first SD sized one ^^

      I was wondering what size eyes and wigs he takes? Also, what kind of clothes would fit him(company)?

      Really just looking for size info ^^
    2. I've got one ordered but he hasn't come yet, so can't answer. You can look at the measurements on the website- for instance, I think his head measures 22 cm, which would be a size 8/9 wig, if I'm not mistaken.
      If you ask this question on the incoming bobobie doll thread, someone might answer for you.
    3. I should be getting him sometime next week ^.^ *insane scream of excitment* any how ^.^ eyes are 18mm-20mm ^.^ I personaly am gunna take a trip to our bjd stoar and get 20mm eyes I like the fuller look ^.^ and wig is 8-9 ^.^ clothing, I'm not sure yet I'm asuming any SD male clothing would fit though ^.^ hope that was kinda helpfull ^.^;;

    4. I can't wait to order my white bodied Bobobie, been saving up for ages, good luck with him, :-) hope to see lots of pics!

      I just wondered what are these apollos like for posing, I have a Bobobie Erin and she is as floppy as I don't know what, do they hold their pose well attall? Thats the only thing that worries me really!
    5. Ok so I am planing on getting Apollp boy from Bobobie, but I dont whant him to have elf ears. And on his model he has them, is there a way to not get them?
      Is there any thing I can do?

      (I hope this is the place to wright this, if it isnt dont say any thing)
    6. OMG you helped me out. I was looking at his base body for $140, so I thought that (the one you showed me) all so had elf ears.
    7. What eye size does he take? I have a pair of 16mm glassies intended for a boy Haruka, but this doll looks extremely interesting. And are there any full body shots of him anywhere? I want to see what the body looks like, ideally with just skivvies on, before plunking down the cash. No, do not accuse me of being a hentai...it's strictly a "not wanting to get a pig in a poke" thing.
    8. Does any one know how much money the shiping is on Apollo?
    9. Is it possible for Apollo to come with elf ears, or Weylin is the only male with elf ears? Thanks.
    10. Can anyone tell me how good Apollo poses? :)
    11. I use 16 in my Weylin and Apollos have same size eyes/eyewells so they should take them, too. I think that silicone eyes might be best for these guys, but glass ones may work, too. These guys have eyewells that make some kinds of eyes, like high dome one, fit poorly.

      Weylin is the only one with elf ears. ^^
    12. Hello!

      It's been a looong while since I've posted here.

      I'm considering purchasing a 60cm Boy Apollo by Bobobie. So, I'm here asking for some more information on them.
    13. This thread was really helpful!! I've been thinking of getting Apollo for a while now, and those links Stratolily posted just sealed the deal XD Thank you!!
    14. Finally someone gives me an answer to this! Yay!

      I like this doll...a hell of a lot. Maybe he can be one of Zetto's musician buddies. The way his hands are sculpted would make him a pretty awesome bassist. Two fingers on the right hand to thump the strings. a grasping hand to fret...ooh, this gives me evil ideas. I also like the fact that he looks Anglo rather than Asian. Actually he looks like he could be from anywhere in Europe.

      Damn, Junky Spot has none. Not that I would go out and buy one...but now I'm in WANT mode on this one.
    15. This thread is most helpful! I've been thinking of buying Apollo for my first doll, and was needing quite a bit of help. Thanks !
    16. Apollo is wonderful! I have him, his name is Trez. Once you do some basic sueding and get used to how he moves, he poses well and is just a character. I seem to always see a somber look from him, but he can look so cheerful in some angels too.

      So, since this is the discussion for him... can we post spam?

    17. Mortifox... is he NS or LT? He's such a beautiful boy! 8D I'm waiting for my very own LT Apollo right now and can't get enough of the picspam! :)
    18. Trez is actually only a NS Apollo, but he is from the last of the 2008 stock so he might be a tid bit darker than other NS fellows at this point :sweat

      You're going to love your boy. He may be slendor and hard to shop for, but I know that my Trez it great for cuddles and always has a caring look about him, almost empathatic in fact.

      I think that this thread needs to hold to true discussion format and really start moving. We need spam, comparisons, more information overall! I would love to expand Trez's wardrobe, but have no idea how. Does someone make clothes to fit him? That sort of stuff.