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Bobobie Apollo wig size?

Apr 28, 2009

    1. (So sorry! Couldn't find the discussion thread so hopefully a Mod will move this there for me...)

      I was hoping someone could tell me what size Leekeworld wig would fit a BBB Apollo? (Or if they do at all xD )

    2. He's got an 8/9 head so those should fit.

      Though I don't know for sure... As soon as my March sells I'll be investing in one. lol
    3. Im not sure if this is the correct forum to post this in, if not Im sorry! But I am having a hard time finding a wig I like for the Apollo Bobobie boy Im planning on getting in the future. Can anyone help? I prefer a red wig of medium or long length. Someone told me that they wear an 8-9 sized wig.:)
    4. Anyone who owns a Bobobei Apollo, I can not find a wig or a wig style that fits this doll.

      I have the 2 leeke world wig an 7-8 and 8-9 wig but one is too small and the other too BIG.

      If anyone has this doll, which company and size did you use to fit the doll's head?

      I have had my doll for 2 years now and he is still bald@! I can't seem to find anything that works.

      Plus if someone knows how to fix a wig that is too big, I will send it to you and pay. I am so mad and frustrated about it.

    5. My sister tried two Monique wigs size 7/8 and they fit really well. She also tried a Leekeworld Luke in 8/9, but that was way too big.
      I have heard people say that both Monique and Leeke run to the larger of the sizes, so the 7/8 Monique is closer to a size 8, while the 8/9 Leeke runs toward a 9. If you try those wigs, I would recommend going with the 7/8 for either of them, generally.
      Of the two Leeke wigs I have, the Ebony fit perfectly on my MSD's head and wouldn't fit on my small-headed SD, while the Sadie was loose on my MSD and fit well on my SD, which was kind of odd. My sister's Luke, as mentioned before, did not fit any of our three SD dolls at all because it was so big.
    6. I bought a Leekeworld Luke in 8/9 for my Apolllo and was really too big. It slid around quite a bit and kept falling off of my Apollo's head. You should definitely get one size down if you are going to buy one for your Apollo.

      I see Pandy beat me to it. I didn't read all the posts, sorry. Luke is a cute wig, though, just too big in 8/9 for Apollo.
    7. so will any leeke wigs fit an apollo?
    8. If a wig is too big, won't Velcro help it stay in place?
    9. I just found this but rubber bands work very well to keep a loss wig in place also if you do not want to stick anything on the head cap.
    10. Question~
      would a Dollmore 8/9 wig fit apollo?
    11. i went to the DDE a few weeks ago and tried on the same leeke wig. one in 8/9 the other in 7/8. i couldnt even get the 7/8 on his head if i used pliers so i bought the 8/9. its a bit big but you cant tell unless you poke the space bubble on the back of the head

      hope that helps slightly? oh and ive found that monique 8/9 wigs fir PERFECTLY
    12. What size,will it be to big?please help.:sweat
    13. Can bobobie apollo wear a luts wig?
    14. The 8/9 wigs i have for him fit well enough, but they may be a little too big honestly.