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Bobobie Christmas Doll: 50cm Luna doll

Nov 25, 2008

    1. News thread here

      Lols, all I can say is YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! I've been dying for bobobie/resinsoul to release a 50cm doll~!

      It'll suit my midget girl doll who would be 150cm 1:1 in SD size :DDDDD

      Anyways, I think the hands are really too big. And the armpit area needs more resin on it to make the busts look like it's one piece instead of having two buns stuck on it's chest.

      But on the other hand, I'm sincerely happy that she has double jointed elbows! *wishes bobobie to make a 60cm boy with said elbows* Plus, I'll still be grabbing a body and covering her up either way...

      Lols, discuss peeps :D
    2. Wow Dennis she's so fresh looking!! IMO - for what its worth LOL is thatthe upper abdominals appear a little too insect like for her curvaceous figure and the bust seems a little unnatural, perhaps as kd_230692 said a little softening of where the breast meets the body would be awesome... and it may just be the lightin/shadow but her cleavage appears to have a bit of a line/crease in it. I personally think its also a little unnatural and could do with a little softening... Just my two cents LOL But I love how different her face is... her lips are lovely!!

      edit: on second looks her arms do seem a little thin for the size of her hands or possibly her hands are a little too big for her arms..?
    3. [​IMG]

      I highlighted in the first pic where there are aesthetic problems... could you try to smooth the top of the bust onto the chest so it would look like it's one piece instead of two round buns stuck on her chest? Also if you could smooth out the little dent in the middle of her chest that I also drawn over in red...

      And the lower arms need to be shortened and smaller hands are needed for this body...

      Also, her abdomen should be smooth, not having abs unless she was really muscular...

      Please try to fix these please Dennis?
    4. Or at least the abs should be down where abs would be on a person instead of up under her ribs.

      I like the idea of a female doll with defined abs, but they have to be done just right.

      Honestly, the bust doesn't bother me.
    5. I agree with kd_, on natural human breasts there is a gradient from the ribcage to the breasts, the breasts don't just suddenly appear :)

      It would be good to see her with eyes and a face-up too :)

    6. I'm wondering if they are meant to imitate a rib-cage look rather than abdominals...? What do you think... I like abs on anything when they are correctly positioned too... maybe these aren't supposed to be abs? Just a thought??
    7. I'd definitly like to see her with a face-up..

      there's just something about her lips that bothers me
    8. I thought she was representing that push-up bra look like Elfdoll has done with their recent new bodies. I personally don't care for that look, it's rather unnatural.
      I'd like to see some side and back photos. The lower torso looks a little off around the hip line, but maybe it's just the photos.
      I can't wait to see her with a face-up.
    9. I rather like her the way she is, except for the hands, I like long slender hands, but maybe not quite that long ^_^; But otherwise I love how mature the body is!
    10. It is nice to see a woman with some muscle and I hope that is not removed and the 2 part torso is a great idea as it does not break the line of action of the body as much as the 3 part bodys.

      - ShadowHawke -
    11. Agreed. I love that she's got nice jointing in her arms. I hope to see a newer 60cm boy body coming out with better arm joints. And maybe better knee joints as well. The locking knee joints are nice but they tend to make my boy stand unevenly and seem to impede with any attempt to string him tighter. I am interested to see how these new arm joints will pose.

      I think the hands still need a bit of work, The fingers are almost unnaturally long and a bit too slim for the rest of the body. Maybe wider hands with shorter fingers will help them to look more natural.

      And I think I have a common worry about the breasts. They seem a little too perky and a little too big.

      The face sculpt is fantastic however. She's got gorgeous features. I'm especially impressed with her eye shape. They're very bright and beautiful.

      I hope to see more dolls coming out soon~ :)
    12. i love my BBB dolls, but i don't know about this one yet? i like the lips, and i think with face up she could have a cute modern geisha look. but as others have pointed out, the arms are very long and thin and the hands are huge. i think that gives her an "alien" look. maybe this is just a proto-type and she will change, she certainly is an interesting size.
    13. Totally agree with you in everything.
      Plus, I would like to add that not only the hands have to be smaller, also the fingers can be shorter and with "movement", I mean, they can have a more natural position.

      In the first pic when she is holding the flowers you can see her hands in a very stiff (?) position, like she was a manequin. I hope you understand what I mean, Dennis, sorry for my english :sweat
      Oh, and the wrists can be thicker, so she can have more posability in her hands.

      Now, what I think about her? She's gorgeous! I love her body, her mouth and nose. And she has a very interesting size. Hope to see her with make up, eyes and a wig soon :D

      Thank you for give us the chance to help you to improve your new doll, hehe.
      Congrats for your new girl!
    14. I really like this new body, some improvements need to be made, but not too many, her hands for one, maybe her boobs, but I hope they have smaller 'S' hooks for the wrists and feet for more mobility.
    15. Ok then, how many people do you know with ribs under their bellybuttons? Its every obviously abdominal muscles that have been misplaced.

      Also, ribs would flare outwards instead of angling inward toward said belly button.

      Its just some failure on the sculptor's part to look at anatomical references.
    16. I think those ab looking parts might be Ribs.
      and her nose kind of bothers me....
    17. They don't look remotely rib-like to me, I'm afraid.

      Here I digitally moved the abs down, highlighted where her ribs ought to be and the general shape of ribs. Its not an exact shape, of course. The center should be a bit higher.

      A friend provided this quick sketch of how abs ought to sit on that doll, as well:

      The joint can be anywhere, really, but its obviously not at the end of her ribcage and its obvious to me at least that they started her abs at the bottom of the joint as opposed to the bottom of the ribcage.

      And here are a couple photo references of muscular women:
      If they were going for something like these two, then they were poorly executed:
    18. It does look really off. I don't understand how ribs could be so far down on a doll with such a long torso. I do think it was an attempt at abs. The top piece is like "I am the start of ribs, but i end so that that doll can pose well" and then a few more cm down would be where they would end on a normal person. For them to start immediately after the chest piece ends and continue down until the navel is unrealistic. Also, the way that "ribs" are positioned, unless hers were broken and that far down, would not hide in the abdomen that well.
      Other than that I think she's pretty cute. Her mouth is too small for my tastes but I think after a faceup she'll look pretty cute.
    19. Her hands are a bit too long and I agree with the comments about her bust. I love her face! I can't wait to see her with a faceup! 50 cm is an interesting size. I wonder if being short and busty will make her hard to dress in ready made clothes.
    20. I love her! :D I don't get why something would be wrong with those boobs, they look good. ^___^ I like her having some boobs, they will look awesome with a bra or a bikini! And the size is just perffffect! <3
      I will get her! Yaaay!