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Bobobie Doll Mall

Dec 19, 2006

    1. I believe that this should be in the news thread, but maybe not...
      She's quite lovely, and cheap too! (158 USD, 248 for full set)
    2. Is Bobobie the same sculptor who did Wujee for Mythdoll?
    3. how long after payment would they be shipped out?
    4. and PayPal ;)

      she is a sweet girl
      please let us know when PayPal is available ;)
    5. Thanks,Tinybear! Bobobie can receive PayPal and credit cards. We have 60cm, 43cm and 15cm dolls. Welcome to Bobobie!
    6. I just wanted to say that dispite the earlier complications that's a really positive step that I'm sure will encourage alot of potential customers.
    7. If anyone is interested in ordering from this company and wants to know more about the complications that came about with their debut, please read This Thread from the marketplace.
    8. hi Shizen, I am very thankful that you always remember me and Bobobie.:sweat A 60cm girl is soon to come on Bobobie web. Now it need some modifying. As you know, it is not easy to make good BJD, they must be perfect, good looking and good posing, much time is needed.

      As for the small statues, I posted them just for fun or share them with DOA friends, they are lovely and cute, and I am going to send offer them to buyers as small gift. If you think it is not suitable I may remove them from the forum and bobobie web.
    9. Hi, dear all, Bobobie's second girl is finally released. And a 1/3 girl is to be released soon, her body is been refining.
    10. Ooh wow, they are nice! Although I wish the smaller boys came in white skin too... would that be a possibility in the future, do you think?
    11. will there be a sleepy tiny? I would like one ^^
    12. Are the boys 40cm or 43cm? because both are listed on the website, about the same doll!
    13. They're 43 cm. ^__^