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Bobobie Doll Question

Jul 6, 2008

    1. I was debating whether or not to invest into a Bobobie doll Elena,or save up for something else. What I'm wondering is if Bobobie makes quality dolls? Are they worth it? I mean it's a beautiful mold, but I would like for it to be,well, not a cheap looking/made doll. Is there anyone who ones? I would greatly appreciate your opinion,and insight.:)
    2. I have 2 Bobobie dolls, they are worth every penny ! The resin is very smooth (sanded!) does not looks or feels "cheap" mayby you have to restring, my dolls were very floppy. The communication is great you can post any questions on their forum Dennis from Bobobie is a darling very patient he answers all you questions within 48 hours. (I think however he's on holiday now for a few days). You can search the Bobobie database here on DOA for more pics of their dolls.

      Bobobie Sprite Pink Skincolor Maturebody and March 27cm Tiny Elfgirl Light Tan Skincolor:
    3. I thoroughly second that opinion! I just got my Sprite girl from Junkyspot, and she's beautiful, smooth, and poses better than my much more expensive dolls!

      I've also had a Bobobie Apollo head since last September, and he's beautiful, and his colour hasn't changed a bit.
    4. I have three Bobobies--2 SD sized and 1 msd sized (and I'm contemplating bringing home a fourth). I'm very happy with mine and do think they're well worth it, but of course you are the only one that will really be able to tell what is the right doll for you. You might want to check out owner pics of Bobobies in the Gallery and Database sections--I find that owner pics really help with my doll buying decisions.
    5. I have a bobobie sprite and I love her. I love their skin colors, my Arafel is lilac. They are lighter resin than some other dolls, but that makes them really nice to carry, and they are so cute. :D They are not double jointed, if that matters to you, and from what I understand they pose better with a bit of sueding and string tightening, but Arafel really isn't all that hard to pose. She has her quirks like any other doll. My advice is, if you love the mold get it, if you love a different mold you will be happier saving up for that.
    6. Actually, they are double jointed--it's what allows them to kneel without popping out of socket :)
    7. Thank you so much everyone!!!!:fangirl:
    8. Your pics were really helpful!!!! I totally love the blue hair!!! It's so cute.:aheartbea
    9. Bobobie dolls are very nice, IMHO, and a great value. (I have six Bobobies, and a lone DIM.) Stylistically, they are less detailed than I would like sometimes, but that is a stylistic thing and not a quality thing.

      An Elena is the next doll that I'm saving up for. Target date is late August!
    10. Inexpensive doesn't always = poor quality.

      Bobobie dolls are beautiful. Gorgeous silky smooth resin in amazing colors, very nice head sculpts.. There's nothing a Bobobie doesn't have that a $400 more doll does.

    11. Seconding this. In fact, the dolls I've spent only a moderate amount of money on have turned out to be superior quality.

      I have a Bobobie tiny and another one on the way...they're exceptionally beautiful and well-made. I've even been thinking of getting one of the larger dolls, too.
    12. i've got a Bobobie Ophelia & she's absolutely beautiful... she was kind of floppy, but i tightened her stringing & now she's fine...
      i'm guessing the resin is good quality... it's VERY smooth!
    13. I have a blue Bobobie Pixie and love her! The resin is very smooth, the color is amazing. She is considerably less detailed than my more expensive dolls have been, and I'm not all that fond of the lack of mobility in the wrists, (I'm such a hand person), but she really is lovely and, for the price, is great!
    14. I am a big fan of Bobobie myself. I can actually afford them for one thing, and for another I just love their sculpts and resin colors. I didn't even realize that some other dolls come with seams! This is because My first two bjds were BBBs and they came sanded. I adore them- I have my third doll ordered already, and I will be getting my first SD from them. I've looked at many SD sized dolls and I cannot find one I love more than Weylin. He is just stunning. As many other owners have stated before, the cheaper price does not mean lower quality in the case of Bobobie.
    15. Hi! I was wondering if someone could give me some information on the doll company Bobobie. I just found them, and I'm amazed at how beautiful and cheaply priced their dolls are. Where is the company located? Why are the dolls so cheap? Are they resin dolls? How is their quality? If anyone has ordered from them, can you share your experience? Thank you in advance for any and all information! =)
    16. Here goes all that I know~

      They're in China. Many people have their dolls on this forum. They're cheap because that's the way the company priced them. Yes, they're made of resin. Quality, don't ask me.
      You can buy them from Bobobie directly, or through other places like Junky spot and Denver Doll Emporium.

      That's all I know :3

      Also many people do like them because the range of posability is great.

      Next time it would be good if you look to see if your question has come up before in the market place. Since there was a question similar

      to yours.
    17. I have five of their dolls, adore them all. They're gorgeous dolls, with tons of nice joints. They're resin is really smooth and slightly shiny, and doesn't have much tooth, but with a little MSC, that works out nicely. They're beautiful dolls!
    18. They are actually very nice little dolls. My friend has a resin soul one (resinsoul is a very similar company, and they sell each others dolls), and I love it. The resin feels nice, it dyes easily, the joints are easy and make for great posing.
    19. :aheartbea They're certiaily not cheap because of poorer quality. Don't be put off by the wildly unflattering website pictures, either - do a search for better pictures!

      Quality is wonderful, I think. The resin is satin-smooth, faces are wonderful - the house style tends towards mild, sweet dolls, with the notable exceptions of Pandora, who is all ugly-beautiful-unique, and Charisma, who in her demon form (I don't think the BBB site shows this, but a Flickr search should pull her up quickly) is fabulous - and towards fantasy dolls, in incredible resin colours. Service is fantastic, so considerate and helpful.

      I'm sounding like an advertisement, but seriously - my first doll was a limited Korean fullset big-tiny, my second a limited Japanese fullset banned-from-this site MSD doll, and my third (if you don't count the Haruka faceup practice head) was a Bobobie (blue resin) Sprite, the cheapest MSD out there to my knowledge. Satisfaction with service and the doll itself was incomparable - Sprite won every time. Buying her was a pleasant and exciting experience, something I really couldn't say for either of the others, and instead of feeling, well, a bit disappointed and taking a while to bond with the doll despite their flaws, which was the case with the others, I was in love with Sprite at box opening. She's perfect. I still can't get over how pretty she is! :aheartbea

      Seriously, I can't recommend Bobobie enough. The only caveats I have is that Sprite came loosely strung and needed tightening, which was scary (but acheivable) for a novice, and that her hands/wrists don't seem very posable. These are not big caveats for beautiful dolls at that price!

      There are dolls from other companies I covet, but given the purely positive experience and lack of regrets I had with Bobobie, I'm more or less intending to stick with them for the forseeable future.

      (Now, to convince them to make dreaming eyed dolls, and six-year-old proportioned dolls in the 26cm range, and flatter-chested more pear-shaped 60cm dolls, so they can fulfil all my dollie dreams...)