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Bobobie elfkin Question

Mar 5, 2009

    1. Hello. I'm thinking of ordering a bobobie elfkin as my first BJD. It says it comes with default eyes. Can anyone whose ordered one tell me what color eye's their's came with. I can't tell in the picture what color they are.

    2. I think it's actually random. My moony came with brown.
    3. They are randomized when they are sent. Atleast that what it says on the site. : D
    4. I believe that you can ask denny to give them a certin colour, well thats what I heard anyway
    5. My girls came with Green and Blue:

    6. I asked & recieved for my Bobobie Sprite.:D I said "Please." ;)

      I also gave a second choice, and said I'd understand if it wasn't possible.

      Dennis will do his best to accomodate your request, but if it isn't possible, don't be toooo sad.

      Ann in CT
    7. Thanks everyone. No matter what color she comes with I know I'm Going To love her.

      Missmollymahem your girls are so cute.

      I can't wait now to order but I'm moving at the end of the month so I don't want her to get lost in the mail. So I have to wait till I'm in my new place so she won't get lost finding me.
      I hate waiting.:...(
    8. Мой шоколадный мальчик Bobobie пришел с голубыми глазами:

      #8 crazyredsnake, Mar 10, 2009
      Last edited: Oct 17, 2018
    9. Mine came with brown eyes... and I love how she looks.
    10. Mine came with green eyes.

      I think random eyes are part of the fun!
    11. Does anyone know what size eyes they take? For the life of me I cant find it anywhere.
    12. Crazyredsnake, are your Chocolate's teeth modded or did he come that way? They're adorable!:bcupcake
    13. you can request the color I requested Blue :)
    14. My March girl Chloe came with yellow defaults. They look quite good with her green resin.