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Bobobie first first elf 1/6 girl is born.

Feb 16, 2008

    1. Bobobie first 1/6 girl is born. She is 27cm tall. Here are some pictures of her. She has no name yet, you are welcome to offer a name for her. We will give a little prize to the winner. Thank you.






      And if she is not good enough, or she need improving, please kindly inform us.

      Besides we promise to get suitable clothes, wigs and boots for her . :D

      Thank you so much for your looking. :aheartbea
    2. OMG o.o
      She's so cute! As always Dennis bobobie keeps suprising me!
      When will she go on sale and what will here prices be?

      She looks like a Isabella / Christina to me =3

      Also could we get some measurements?
      (Wig size, foot, hips, legs ec) so we can see what clothing this preaty girl would fit :D
      Maybe she will fit into pullip and blythe clothing that would be cool :D
    3. She looks pretty!

      As you asked for comments on her, in my opinion her head seems a little too big for her body. But that is only a small thing in an otherwise very cute doll!

      I think she looks like a cute girl from the countryside. Maybe her name could be Agnes?
    4. OMG Dennis How do you do it?? I WANT 10!!!!!

      I vote for Isabella/Bella/Ella because her face is so sweet and lovely :)
    5. her head is a little large for my tastes....

      lets call her Balli ^^
    6. Hi Dennis, she is lovely, and I agree something like Christina would suit her, maybe Christy? Her head does seem a bit bigger than her body, and I would like to see her in a shorter, darker wig. What sort of price range are you thinking of, if you don't mind me asking?
    7. She looks like a flower child from those old 70's hippie movies.
      I can imagine her in a wispy sun dress with a flower head piece on tapping a tambourine.


      I like her a lot. :aheartbea
    8. She's so cute :) How about Chloe or Emma?
    9. She's gorgeous, Dennis! Can't wait to see her in other colors. :D

      She looks like a little flower to me, especially with the green dress and yellow wig. :daisy Why not Daisy or Petal?
    10. I would call her Cindy.
    11. The problem there is that the UK equivalent of Barbie was called Sindy :)
    12. I don't know why but the first name that came to me was Angelica.
    13. She's beautiful! If she were mine, I'd call her Monica!
    14. Hmmm, her head is too big for my tastes-but I LOVE the fact that you are making 1/6 dolls ^.^!!

      The first name that came to mind for me is Seraf (or Seraph) or Serapha or something like that ^.^!!
    15. Wow I'm glad she's finally finished (I've been stalking the Bobobie forum for ages ^^;;; ). I agree with Eraknight11 though, her head is a little bit to big but still very pretty :)

      The name I would pick is Hana. I think it means "flowers" in Japanese.
    16. I would name her FLORA, since I can see her running through a countryside which is covered with flowers!!
    17. Oh Dennis , she is adorable ...love her
      what about Helen
      a face that launched a 1000 ships:chocoberry
    18. Cassandra?

      She is so sweet!
    19. Awwww she reminds me of either a Christina but more so I think Ashley!
    20. Cute girl ^^ Finally she is done.

      Only comment: like the others have said before, her head looks a bit big for the body but that is all really.

      I think I would go with Kirsty I don't know why.