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Bobobie Isabella (27cm girl)

Mar 24, 2008

    1. Um, not sure if this is the right forum for this or not... if not, please move it. :)

      Anyways, I would like to know if Barbie clothes fit a Bobobie Isabella? I'm planning on buying one, and my local toy store is having a clearance sale on some barbie outfits, and I wanted to know if they would fit an Isabella before I bought them.

      If anyone can tell me, that'd be great. Also, pictures are always appreciated and loved. :)

    2. Barbie clothes totally fit Isabella! There would be some adjusting involved. I also found Susie, Momoko, and even Bratz clothing to fit Isabella's.

      Good luck!
    3. Yes Isabella fits Barbie clothes, here's a pic of my March (same body as Isabella).
      I had to cut off the jeans because her feet did not fit.

    4. I plan on getting one of these too, but I'm lookin for a really long wig for her... I could prolly make the clothes myself. Suggestions on finding a wig? Being totally new I'm not sure where to go to find a wig for her size head which is what... 5-6 right? I keep finding really pretty wigs but the issue is them fitting, y'know?
    5. I second the wig issue! How about shoes? Granted barefoot is better then bald but shoes that fit best? Would wuv to know!
    6. I am considering the Isabella mold. Anyone know the wig size for sure?
    7. Jpop wigs have a great selection of 5-6 and check out ebay too
    8. She is really cute!