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Bobobie Lucky & Elfkin

Jul 1, 2008

    1. Have you seen that Bobobie have brought out their 'Nissa' in two versions, one without horn, but elf ears (Elfkin) and the other with human ears (Lucky)? I :aheartbea the normal ears version, and want to order both a girl and a boy when I can afford to :)

      I can't see on the site how you order the different colours, so am going to ask Dennis on the Bobobie forum as I love their light tan.

      Lucky http://www.bobobie.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=162

      Elfkin http://www.bobobie.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=161
    2. Hummm, off line right now :(

      You know, those Bobobie dolls are just so cute, I was just wondering why I haven't bought one yet, then I realized they're just not my normal style, LOL. I've always wanted the "teen and older" dolls since I was a little baby myself! But these are pretty darn adoreable, almost need to get one! Yummy!
    3. I'm just learning what I like, and I too prefer the older teen style dolls such as Moona, Elfdoll tinies etc, but I do like the fact these Bobobie tinies can wear Lati Yellow clothes as there are tons of stuff out there and they are such a good price too! I love these two, the faces are more chubby looking than Eric and Erin :aheartbea
    4. Oh dear ..me thinks Im going to have to get me one of these...
      I love the Bobobie tan ...anf the green ...so which one LOL

      If I had the tan she would look so sweetie with my Large Tan Ted I have comming ...With the new CherryReds wig ...:)
      Oh I love buying dollies LOL
    5. Did you notice the dark tan is back ...I LOVE the Lucky in dark tan
      dieing here
    6. Do you think the dark tan is back because of our Coco order? LOL Gosh it would be nice if he kept the color going...
    7. LOL
      yeah I love that colour too
      I was working today thinking of a large Mina in dark tan ...havent even got the small one yet !
      The dolls look so rich and exotic in those colours
    8. I'd like a light tan boy and normal skin girl :aheartbea ..... or a light tan girl and a dark tan boy.... heck one of each colour would be good :)
    9. just in case anyone looks at this forum here is a Bobobie Nissa Elfkin Girl NS