Sales Promotion Bobobie May Event

May 7, 2019

    1. Thanks for loving Bobobie and Resinsoul. In May Bobobie is having a promotion sale event.

      Period: 2019.5.5-2019.5.31

      During the time, we have free gifts to give when customers place orders at Bobobie website:
      a. Order over $100: free clothes

      b. Order over $300: a free 50cm girl body in White Skin

      c. Order over $500: a free 50cm girl body in White Skin and free shipping worldwide

      When you have any question about the promotion sale event, please contact Dennis: [email protected]
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    2. Will we be able to just buy the 50cm girl body as well?
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    3. Is this only for orders from the Bobobie website and not the Resinsoul website?
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    4. Which body is the 50cm one?
    5. Since they worded it
      I'd imagine the promotion applies to any order placed through the Bobobie site... They don't even distinguish on their site which dolls are ResinSoul so I think it would apply to everything on their site?
    6. Yes the promotion applies to orders placed through bobobie site only. It applies to everything on Bobobie website: We will post the 50cm girl body in a while. Thanks!
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    7. When will you post the 50cm girl body? Or can you just post an image here? Thanks!
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