New Doll Bobobie new family member: 44cm Jian

Nov 2, 2016

    1. We added one new 44cm boy Jian to the website. Jian's head is the same as Song's, but with Human ears. Jian's body is the same as Wu's body. 1/4 Boy Jian - $165.00 : bobobie
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    2. The link provided leads to a 403 error page for me.
    3. The link works for me. Maybe try another browser? Also, Denver Doll is a dealer. Though they don't have the new doll.
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    4. Generally, you can buy both Bobobie sculpts and Resinsouls through Bobobie, but you can only buy Resinsouls through Resinsoul. Jian is actually Resinsoul Jian, and can be purchased directly through Resinsoul if the Bobobie site won't work.
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    5. I recently purchased from Bobobie. While ordering from them is a cakewalk, accessing the site itself can be like pulling teeth at times. I checked the status of my order frequently and there were days when the site would either redirect me or flash up the 403 Error message. One time the site did that for four days running. So if the site isn't working on a particular day, all I can say is try again tomorrow and keep trying until the site is back up. The problems are frustrating, but my doll made it all worth it.
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    6. that's reassuring - I'm glad it's not just me having this problem (although I wouldn't wish it on anyone!) I will have to persist till I get lucky I guess :whee:
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