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Bobobie new tiny

Oct 12, 2007

    1. Bobobie has a new tiny head mold finally. She is just born, so no name yet. We hope you can offer some name suggestion.

      The two tinies are the same mold, but different skin color and different faceup. ^__^








    2. Dennis they are beautiful!! How much are they? i think i need them both! even though i'm still waiting on my white chocloate girl..You're coming out with all of these beautiful dolls!

      Name: Draken is cute for a boy.
      or Damien.

      Esmelda for a girl, that's waht she looks like to me :)
    3. Beautiful, beautiful uni-babies.
      Unede for boy and Unada for girl.
      LOVE THEM!!!
    4. my they are nice, another tiny for my list...........oh I wish I had a money tree :)
    5. Oh DENNIS
      they are wonderful ...I love them ...I love the face-up on the white baby

    6. They are simply adorable Dennis, your dolls just keep getting better and better. I love the ear shape, it's perfect for them and the face up on the little white one is superb.

      hmmm names..
      for a girl
      Eletta (means elf; mischievous)
      Fleta (means swift; fast)
      Fronya (means forehead)
      Owynah (means young warrior; born to nobility)

      for a boy
      Eagan (means very mighty)
      Faegan (means little fiery one)
      Frewin (means noble friend; free)
    7. OMG so cute!!!
      I'll try my hand at the name but people usually don't like my name hehe..
      I see they are both male molds right?


      Jareth (might be a bit harsh for tinies but I love the name)
      Puck (like the Sprite in a Midsummer Night's dream of Shakespear)
      Uni (because it's cute short and he has a Unicorn horn)
    8. Oh those are gorgeus! :D will it be availeble in the chocolat dark skin tone to? cous he/she would make a very pretty tiny dark devil XD Oh I want one >.>"

      For name I would say Eden :) cous Eve and adam lived in eden and there lived unicorns to :D and I also think it would make both a good boys and girls name.
    9. you have the talent of ear sculpting Dennis!

    10. Oh they are cut I love the ears not sure if I like the horn though
    11. that face.. too cute, those ears<3

      Hmm i thought of "Koren" or "Korin" when i first saw him
    12. Hi fp1989, the price will be a little more expensive, will be $81.

      And thank you for you name suggestion! :D
    13. What a great look for both of these tinys! I love the white one, especially!
      Here's some names for you:
      Female--Chusi (Hopi name meaning "snake flower")
      Male--Pachua (Hopi name for "Feathered water snake")
    14. BlueDollyKiss, thank you for your names.

      wilkies: thank you, I wish you had a money tree! :D

      Tinybear: I am very pleased you like the new doll.

      Blodeuwedd: thank you very much for you comments and your names.

      : The white one is a boy, the normal one is a girl. :lol:
      I like your name Uni.

      Hasel: They will be available in tan skin. I like the name Eden too.

      Tosspot: thank you, I like the Bobobie ears too. :sweat

      Aree I am pleased you like the tiny doll ears.

      captainkyo: thank you for your comment. I like your names. Koren and Korin are both good for the doll.

      Thank you all! :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea
    15. Ah XD That's so great! are they the same hight as the other bobobie tiny's? ( 14 cm I believe) and how much will they cost?

      ( oh oh >.>' I wants! *grabby bands* )
    16. Yes, they are the same size as the other Bobobie tinies, 15cm tall. The price is $81.
    17. I have plans already, i have to share! i'm going to airbrush a white skinned one into a dragon, with scales!! EEK. he'll be my nekid little demon boy, everyone needs one. Got to get an airbrush kit and MSC..

      $81 is so reasonable! *maybe next week* XD
    18. XD ieh gosh... then now a tanned one is def on my to get list ( that's different than an to want list :o ) $ 81 dollar is a very good price! <3
    19. Dennis... I like the name Morgan!
      It is a good name for a boy or a girl, and since it is the same mold, shouldn't it only have one name?
    20. Oh I love him/her! Well done Dennis, I just love the facial expression , horn and ears! I will have to start saving my pennins for one of them :thumbup