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Bobobie News....PICTURE CONTEST:post your dolls pics, win $100 prize!

Jun 11, 2007

    1. This thread is supposed to be Bobobie News House: for new dolls releasing and other news notification. Hope I am posting it in the rightful place. :D
    2. Bobobie's first elf ear head: 1/4 size, white skin, with make up

      More beautiful pics to be continued...


    3. so cute!!! I checked the site and couldn't find it, has it been released yet? Maybe I am just blind. LOL
    4. The elf ear doll head is not released yet. But you can find some pics at the Bobobie forum.
    5. That head looks great, will it fit on a boy body or just the girl?

      I love the ears.
    6. Yes, the head fit on Tony's body.
    7. Bobobie used to ship by EMS. Now we are trying to use DHL. It is much cheaper than EMS. For example, it is USD20 for the first 500g, then USD6 for each additional 500g. EMS is USD31 for the first 500g, USD10 for each additional 500g. But the website shipping cost is still based on EMS shipping standard.So we would appreciate you write down your order list and then email us, then we offer you the total value and you send the value directly to Bobobie PayPal account. While the online ordering system is still working, you can still order online. Then we will refund you the over charged shipping cost.
      Thank you!
    8. I just ordered her today :) and I'm wondering what size eyes she needs.
    9. She takes 16mm eyes.:)
    10. @Yasha:
      I asked this question on the board yesterday and Dennis gave me this responds ^^

      Yes Pixie will come with her whole body, makeup, eyelash and eyes. She takes 7.5 inches (19cm) wigs and 16mm eyes.
    11. Uncertain wrong happens with Bobobie website: temporarily down, will recover tomorrow. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. Anyone that need our help please write to: service@bobobie.com.
      Thank you very much!

    12. Bobobie website www.bobobie.com is ok now.
    13. Bobobie 60cm boys are released now. One is with normal ear, called Apollo, the other is elf ear called Weylin. The price are $180 each. They have tattoos on head, chest, sotmach, arm, thigh and back. The tattoo is optional. If tattoo is needed, extra $40 will be required.



      Tattoo on chest and stomach:


    14. Does Apollo have elf ears, too? So pretty, I love them.
    15. what if a customer prefers EMS? would they be able to request shipment by EMS still?
    16. Just put your preference in the Notes section when you order-- Dennis will will be able to see it and fix it accordingly for you.

      If you want anything different for that order, put it in the notes section as well. :)
    17. Dear Dennis! More photos please, of all your dolls! Elena needs more love and Rachel... and Pandora (though THANK YOU THANK YOU for putting up some of Charie's home pics!!). I have 2 Erins and a Pandora coming (ordered through Jo), and I'll probably get an Elena soon too, so I'd LOVE to see more of her on the site. Also, Dennis, can girls be gotten in tanning skin? I see the boys can... and I think the Pandora head can, but the option is not available for the bodies.

      Can we see more of the dolls in tanning, other than the tinies?

      Plus, will boy bodies be available for sale alone, without the heads? Maybe for $140, as the girls are $138?

      Thanks, Dennis!!
    18. Dennis... if we want a faceup, is it default, or can we request for it to be custom? I would like to order the elf girl head, but if I do, I'd very much like to request a specific faceup.
    19. Yes, you can choose EMS. You can even decide any shipping method you like.