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Bobobie Ophelia ~My Critique :) (Nudity)

Apr 11, 2007

    1. Hello world!

      I think I'm one of the first to get her in, so I decided to do a detailed review of what I think of the body and the whole bit. :)


      I will start with the overall opinion. I think she is a fabulous deal for her cost. She is very flexible and has some nice touches that I've not seen in dolls three-four times her price.

      Resin: Very smooth, all Bobobie dolls come sanded. I may do a light sanding or a spraydown in MSC to give her a bit of tooth, but that is a personal preference. Nice weight to her, not as heavy as Volks, but it is the rare doll that is. ^_^


      Head: Ophelia is very cute, with big (20mm) eyes in a surprisingly small head. Her head measures 7.9inches for wigs, and I have no wigs her size. :sweat I will not be keeping her head. I was originally going to just order the body, but I decided to buy her whole to see what I thought. She is very cute, but doesn't really go with the rest of my kids. Please don't take it personally, Dennis. I think she is darling. :)

      Posability: She is very flexible, with double joints in the knees and locking arm if you want to keep her arms outstretched. In fact, she is so posable that she is rather floppy. :sweat I think a tighter stringing would fix 75% of this, at least. I'm not too worried.


      Feet: Yeah, they warranted their own section. :lol: I honestly don't know the average SD-sized girl foot, but she seems to have rather large feet to me. They are 7.4cm long, too big to fit into the cute shoes I just got for her. :( But they are well detailed, with nice arches and everything. :) EDIT: Her feet are actually slightly larger then Mikel's feet. O_o She will need boy shoes, most likely. ^^

      ...to be continued...

    2. ...continuing!

      Negatives: I really only have one, but it is a bit irritating. I think Dolkots or Dollshes (one of the two) are known for this problem also. I might be doing be a bit of modding to fix it.


      Her torso likes to pop out of her hip/butt piece, making her flop over. :sweat Re-stringing will hopefully fix most of the problem. :)

      Overall: I really like her. Only the one thing I have any issue with, and it's fixable. :) I admit, I bought her to be Weros, my Juri 06's body. As he is supposed to be a hermaphrodite, I will be doing a double mastectomy on the body, probably in a month or so. CP's BW is not a perfect match, but it is plenty close enough to work with the Bobobie body. The Juri 06 head fits Perfectly on the neck. I was thrilled, I won't need to modify anything. :D

      So thank you Dennis, for providing a good quality alternative for us monetarily challenged doll lovers. :D I will happily buy from you again. :D

    3. Wow she's a lot cuter than I thought. Is her faceup from Bobobie?
    4. glad to hear your new girl is exciting you, and is not a tragedy.

      I love her sweet smile!!!!
    5. Wow! I like her face a lot more than I thought I would!

      How are her hands?
    6. She has LONG fingers. XD The hands are both in "grasping" poses and aren't super detailed, but the fingernails are clearly defined and there are palm lines:


      Although you didn't ask, here is an example of the hybrid possibilities:

      CP's BW is more yellow, but its more then close enough. I'll blush the body a bit to match, and volia! :D (I wasn't planning on restringing today, but I lost my hold on the main string when swapping heads. :sweat )

      I have discovered that the hands and feet are strung in with the body, NOT resting on s-hooks. I am going to buy some s-hooks, at least for the feet. Personal preference, doing so will allow me to string the body tighter. :)

      Hope this helps!

    7. is your Ophelia white skin? or normal skin?
    8. White skin, sorry. I say this in a roundabout way on the hybrid example. ^^

    9. Yeah, that's what I thought - just wanted to clarify ^__^

    10. Thank you for doing this! I also ordered one for my Juri 06 head so it is good to know it will fit.
    11. Oh yea! I just ordered her 2 days ago! I am so excited and these pictures just make it even better! I'm so glad you finally got her, I know you were getting worried. She is beautiful!
    12. Make sure you have that little resin donut piece from CP to adapt the Type 2 neck to the s-hook. :)

      Yeah, the Bobobie resin is WHITE, while CP BW has a hint of flesh color in it. Not a big issue, in my concern...not like real people match color all over in real life, either. XD

    13. ...I think impatient was more the word. XD I wanted to participate in the contest, but I think it's too late now. ^^;

      But yeah, she is a lot cuter then I thought she would be. Hopefully someone else wants her head, because as cute as she is, she just doesn't fit in with my crew. Too stylized, I think. :sweat

      You will like her, though. :D

    14. Thank you so much for posting this!! I think I've got to get myself a little mini in white skin now... :D
    15. I LOVE her hands and feet :aheartbea
      but I LOVE large expresive hands and feet

      my old Dollshe used to do that at the torso too
      suedeing will help

      I cant wait for my own to arrive
      I ordered a body for my Maya head and a full doll
    16. She doesn't look bad, but the bust is weird and the neck its way too long.

      I have to admit she have great posability and the face is cute.
    17. I am so glad to see this. I've had one of the bodies in a 'cart' for awhile trying to decide how it would work with my Nabee Reminisce head-- which has been floating since we were given those.
      I think the long neck and the other proportions, even those loooooooong fingers and big feet are perfect for the look I want for that sleeping head!

      As soon as I saw your photos and read your review, I went on and did the checkout and paid!

      How long do they take from order to delivery (in your experience)? not that I should be in a big hurry, as long as it took me to find a body for her that I like (and could afford!)

      thanks for pushing me over the edge to place the order.

    18. Amusingly, I think the Juri fits better on the body then Ophelia herself. :lol: I think it is because the extra gap in the Juri head for the type two system eats a bit of the neck, making it not look so long. But there are those who like that stylized Clamp look with their dolls, and well, more power to them. :D

      I actually think her bust looks more natural then most I've seen, a lot of the larger busted girl dolls I've seen tend to have the breasts pushed up and together, like in a pushup bra. Looks natural with a shirt on as well. Weros is sitting here going through his identity crisis on a 100% girl body. XD

    19. The hands aren't all that big, they are the size of my Mikel's hands (which are petite for a guy doll) but those feet are big. :D

      Yeah, I'm converting the hands and feet to s-hooks, which will let me string the body tighter and let them move more. Right now they have a tendency to snap back to the center. :sweat Sueding is a definate, I may even epoxy in a support column. After fighting the belly flop, the body actually stands rather well, so I'm happy with that. :)

      I look forward to seeing your kids arrive! :)