Bobobie/Resinsoul 1/6 human discussion - part 5

Feb 15, 2014

    1. This is the thread for discussing Bobobie/Resinsoul 1/6 Scale Human Dolls. (27cm and 28 cm)
      We have a separate thread for the fantasy Bobobie/Resinsoul Pixiu and Pi dragon dolls.
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    2. [​IMG]

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    3. :D Elena strikes a pose~
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    4. woot woot! On the first page lol. Everyone looks cute, I love Elena's pose <3
      I have finished Zelda's dress, sorta lol, I redid it at least! Now I have to paint the blue stone, do her hair, make her leggings, boots, and accessory o.o ok so not done but at least I redid the pattern dress lol.
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    5. Love the dress and her sassy pose in the second picture. XD
    6. Yay new thread spam! Shame on me, I'm so lazy, poor Elise is still in her xmas pjs!


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    7. Ballet, thanks! & Zelda looks great! :D By any chance can we see Zelda & Link together? :)

      & those are cute pjs though ^^
    8. I have been going through a reunion with the bjd hobby, and even though I have a couple of new girls, I wanted to give my little darling Syrinx some love too. She "photobombed" my recent shoot while I was taking some pics of my 1/3 and 1/4 girls. I guess it was a hint! Here's to reviving the thread!

      Syrinx is a BBB/RS hybrid. She has the Bei head and the Isabella/March body. Another DOA member did the artistic mods, and I bought her from the marketplace a few years ago, so I cannot take credit for her artistry.
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    9. Syrinx is very cute, I love that color on her, it doesn't look like the usual red. Was she dyed? She's so gorgeous.
    10. Thanks, Arashi, and yes, she was dyed. If I remember correctly she had been a white resin doll. The person who modded her painted little imp wings on her back and and several delicate, pretty black and gold tattoos on different parts of the body- like what you see on her face. Her ears were modded too, but unfortunately one crumbled at the tip a couple of years ago. I just cover that with her hair, though. Ironically, Syrinx seems to enjoy wearing cute fashionable human clothes rather than Gothic or fantasy type clothing that I would have expected her to wear.
      Here's a closer look at her face- please excuse her cute but off-topic playmate!:

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    11. She's just gorgeous. ^^ I just love the Bei face it's such a cute sculpt. Got one of my own. These tiny ones are fun to dress aren't they?
    12. Thank you! Bei has a sweet little face that makes her special. I used to have a March too- she had the true impish look, imo, and I like that too. They are fun to dress because they look good in everything! The little ones are fun to make things for as well. I love to crochet amigurumi critters, but lately that hobby has been too much for my poor wrists- the tension required to make tight, even stitches with the small hooks is killer. For the past few months I have been making doll clothes with the tiny steel hooks and fine crochet thread. It is so quick and easy to whip up little clothes that it is almost addictive. I have found a lot of Barbie, Blythe, and other small doll patterns on the nets. You can have a tiny outfit in an hour or less!
    13. wow, that's some incredible modding pumibel, you're so lucky to have her! :) I agree, this size is so fun to make little things for. The number of little hats and dresses I'll have by the end of the week (I'm on vacation now!) I can't imagine at the moment.
      It's bad, but I really want another tiny... I have 2 and they're both tan skin, I really want a white skin one with some crazy colored wigs, just for fun. But I shouldn't, but I want to...
    14. I understand that desire, coffeetea, it seems to be a common feeling with tinies. They seem to "need" more playmates and toys and clothes and accessories. And there are all of these patterns! You need more than one to model all the clothes lol.
    15. Just a quick jump in to ask what might be a silly question -- would Blythe clothes fit a March or a Zi? I had a March years ago and quite miss her . . .
    16. Spensers-mom,

      I have had a lot of luck getting Blythe and Barbie outfits to fit March. It does not always work if the Bythe fashion has long, fitted sleeves or very narrow, "peg-leg" pants. I have a Blythe doll and other tines, so I have used Blythe and Barbie patterns to make clothes, too. Dresses with short sleeves, raglan sleeves, straps or no sleeves are great, as are most skirts, roomy tops and bottoms, panties and tank-tops, etc. Shoes will not fit, of course as Blythe has little Barbie feet. I find that I can save money to buy good shoes for my bjds if I make the clothes or buy inexpensive fashion doll clothes. It helps to have daughters too!
    17. Thanks for the information, pumibel! I thought it might be as you said -- given that March's hands are a great deal bigger than a Blythe's. Now I just have to make up my mind as to which one to get . . . :)
    18. Zi's body is on the thicker side of these ones, what fits March, Isabella and the normal Bei body doesn't fit the Zi body as well. I haven't found many barbie clothes that fit my girl. The pants she's wearing are slim Yo-SD Pants I bought at a meet up and the shirt is a Modified ken shirt.
    19. Hi! I was lurking in the thread for a long time, and now coming out of lurking after I adopted Reslie's RS Xu girl. She is so sweet. Thank you, Reslie!
      As for fitting Barbie clothes, for most of them, hands are too big to fit through the sleeves or even through the sleeveless tops. I am not sure if this is because of the male body. I wonder if female hands are smaller. If yes, then I want them!
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    20. Uggst~ March is on the single jointed body which is distinctly slimmer and than the Xu and Zi. The arms on the Bei/March are much slimmer and the balls are very much smaller making the hands vastly smaller. I can't be sure but I think the DJ boy and girl share hands, Perhaps someone with a Zi or just a DJ girl (without claws) could post pics of her hands and you could post pics of your Xu's hands so we could compare?