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Bobobie/Resinsoul 14cm and 15cm size dolls discussion part 2

Jul 15, 2012

    1. This is a discussion for Bobobie and Resinsoul 14cm and 15cm size dolls.

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      Bobobie - DoA BJD Wiki | Den of Angels
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      Bobobie/Resinsoul 14cm and 15cm size dolls discussion part 1:

      Bobobie/Resinsoul 14cm and 15cm size dolls discussion part 2:
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    2. Aaaaand welcome to the new thread, everyone! :D

      Im so excited, my girl is finally coming home from her trip to france >w<
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    3. Hi Magisteraya,
      How exciting, what doll is she?
    4. Yay, a new thread!

      Every day when I come home from work, I'm hoping to have an email from Think Pink saying I can come pick up my red skin Yu ^^. I ordered her late in May.
    5. All of us seem to have dolls on the way. Goodluck to everyone on their timely arrival.
    6. It does, doesn't it? xD I cant wait for you all to get your little ones!

      Yui's cute new outfit came in today, she wanted to show everyone ^.^
      The hood actually has cute bunny ears. its from mint on card. fits her perfectly <3
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    7. Yui's clothes look lovely. I did see them on MOC and thought about it for Leric, but I don't think it will go with his character. Its good to know that they fit though. Can I ask about the wig? size ect?
    8. She's a bobobie lucky! And yui looks so cute!
    9. Magisteraya Lucy's are so cute. What colour skin did you order?
    10. Thanks :3 Yeah, finding the right clothes to fit how you envision the dolls character is very important.

      Her wig is a size 4/5 Leekworld Alice wig in the color Pink Cocktail. It sits a little big on her, but if you position the hair a certain way around her face, you can't even really tell. It's really good quality, better quality than Leeworld's 3/4 wigs, because I have one for my puki puki, and Yui's wig is just better all around.

      And oh my gosh, that picture is too funny x3 I think Leric looks the perfect size for that little horse x3
    11. Thank you for the wig size information. I am still waiting on Leric's wig. It is a Monique Synthetic Mohair 4-5" Frankie brown/black/blue. I really hope that it fits him.
      Yay another site for me to check out thank you :)
    12. I've had her for awhile, she's in NS ^^
    13. I just received an email from Think Pink: my red skin Yu arrived today! I will be picking her up in Nijmegen tomorrow :D :D
    14. Leisas: No problem :3 It's a leekeworld wig but I bought it off of Denverdoll lol

      That's so exciting Evelien! I must see pics when you bring her home n_n I don't think I've seen a red skin Yu before.
    15. Neither have I! I haven't been able to find one online. I can't wait! And don't worry, I'll post lots of pictures ^^
    16. Congratulations Evelien, I can't wait to see her especially in red.
    17. Evelien, she looks so good with those eyes and that wig is great similar style to what I ordered, if it ever gets here.
    18. omg! She's so cute >w< I might just get one myself, she's so tempting!