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Bobobie/Resinsoul What wig size fits?

Feb 5, 2012

    1. Thread for wig size questions.

      If there is already a thread like this, please feel free to remove it!

      I`ll start first question then.

      I am going to buy some Monique wigs for my Li and Mai girl. http://shop.fashiondoll.nl/index.php?cPath=436_25_92_97

      I guess I should go for the 6-7 size. But think I remember that Monique wigs is pretty stretchy.

      Anyone have any experience with Monique wigs on mini BBB and RS dolls?
    2. I have a monique wig on my Ju. It's a 6-7 and fits well, a bit snug actually. It does have some stretch to it but I have an elastic around her head just to give it something to grip on to.
    3. Ok, thank you. Then I`ll try some 6-7 and see how I like it.
    4. I've found the 7-8 wigs to be too big for Resinsoul MSD--my 58cm Resinsoul ladies wear that size. 6-7 should fit well. When I had a Fei, she was wearing a fur wig from MonstroDesigns that was labeled "Littlefee size" and that fit her really well.
    5. I have a Monique wig for my Mai boy, it's a 6-7 and fits him beautifully! They also have enough stretch that a 6-7 should, I think, work for Li, too.
    6. I have one of the Dollzone MSD wigs on my An, and it fits fine. My Sprite wears a custom fur wig so I can't say for sure what wig size he wears but the DZ wig fits my An.
    7. I have a 6-7 wig on my daughter's Sprite. It fits well an stays behind her ears nicely. I just got in a 6-7 Jpop wig which I'm hoping will fit my incoming Li well and a 5-6 that I hope will fit my incoming Lan. I'll let ya know in about a month ;-)
    8. I know Leekeworld 6-6.5, fits!! It fits perfectally witout a cap on but I dont know if it fits as well with one on!!
    9. I had bought a ResinSoul Mei last year in December. Iordered her a Leeworld 6-6.5 wig and it was too tight of a fit for her head. Somy DragonDoll DragonGirl Nyoko is now wearing it and My RS Mei is wearingNyoko's Fairyland Littlefee wig. The Littlefee wig doesn’t stay on to well. And Iwas wondering if there are any other wig brands that would fit perfectly/decentlyfor RS Mei.
    10. I have a question!
      If the wig I want to buy isn't listed as 6-7 in, and instead as 6 or 7 in, then which one should I buy?
    11. I'm ordering Rong and I was wondering if anyone could share their experience with wigs? Does she fit most wigs labelled 7-8 inches?
    12. I have a Resinsoul Mei and a Resinsoul Tang.

      My mei wears 6-7, my Tang wears 7-8.

      I'm not sure what my Bei is supposed to wear, but I believe she's a 5 inch.
    13. The biggest issue with wigs for Rong is those big ears really push the wig back and make it difficult to fit on. I recommend wig caps. I also prefer fake fur or mohair wigs that I can trim or tuck in at the sides to help the wig sit better on the head. Rong has kind of a shallow head cap and some wigs are just too deep for her, leaving kind of a bubble at the top of the head.
    14. Wish I had read this before I purchased my first wig for Mei. Leekeworld 6-6.5 wig is too tight of a fit for her head!
    15. I have the same size with a cap and it still fits great! Probably even better!
    16. Weird. No cap on my Mei and the 6-6.5 wig will not go on her head. I'm ordering a 6/7 from a different company. My girl needs hair!
    17. I found a nice looking wig on Etsy that I wanted for my RS Mei, but it's listed as a 6.5-7. I'm wondering if it will fit a tad too loosely. Does anyone have experience with this size on a Mei?