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Bobobie Reviews please??

Nov 12, 2008

    1. How good is the quality, as they seem pretty inexpensive in comparison to other dolls?

      Are their 60 cm girls bodily measurements the Similar elfdolls girls? if anyone knows hehe

      Basically any reviews ro opinions will be apprieciated :lol:

      I'm tempted by Charisma for a project I'm going to do.
    2. Hi I just recieved a boboie sprite and was very impressed with the quality and how gorgeous she was. I only have one other doll, a domuya potpourri, and I couldnt see any difference in resin quality. She doesnt have as many articulations as the domuya, but they are especially bendy, but her joints were fine and she stood and posed well. Here are some pictures of her.

      Her face is pretty but perhaps not as etheral or spectacular as others and probably not as much detail in the sculpt - I guess it depends what you like. I think some of the people here who make dolls get them cast by bobobie. I hasten to add that I am no expert, but I was very happy with her, especially at that price



    3. Thank you so much! that was very very helpfull :) I'm pleased to hear that the resin quality is still good and i agree the prices are exeptional! I may be ordering a few of these in the future for practices :)

      your little elf is very sweet too! I myself only own 1 doll but i have 3 others on their way to me. admittedly 2 are on layaway but still.
    4. Hellos, I just have a quick question about Bobobie Dolls (mainly 60cm+), I keep hearing that their floppy, does that mean they can't stand up on there own or that their arms don't move okay?

    5. it means that they are very loosely strung, with stretchy elastic so that posing them can be a bit tricky. i have both an MSD and SD BBB, the SD BBB stands fairly well, but the MSD BBB tends to flop around. i think the main problem is in the waist area, it tends to pop in and out when posing. i wouldn't let this stop you from buying one however, it's not that bad and you can re-string, wire, or suede to help stability.
    6. kewl, sounds good, thank you.
    7. They actually deliberately send them this way, because early on their dolls were arriving with chipped joints (they were breaking during shipping). So they started stringing them more loosely to minimize the chance of breakage during shipping. All the strings tie up in the head, so it's really easy to adjust the tension when they arrive.
    8. LMAO. Anywayz, I want an Apollo but I dont know about his posing. As people have issues on Bobobie bodys, I wanted to ask if his bodys have 'faults' like the torso pop. Many people dont really comment on his body so meh. But hes an awsome looking mold so I think I might get him instead of the Puki.

      Myles (:
    9. I'm like... Moments from clicking the buy button this same boy.
      I recently restrung a BBB boy (who I'm pretty sure is on the same body) and aside from the standard floppy body because he was highly loose the owner told me she didn't have many problems. Hot glue would of course help but from what I've also heard in the waiting room that's all these boys need to be good posers. Well and some effort and learning their blance but that's standard.
      A friend of mine wired her bobobie boy bodies arms as well so he could touch his face and what not.
      Thats my wealth of info.
    10. I'm looking to get one of their 60 CM dolls, 'cause they're beautiful without breaking the bank too much. If someone that has Bobobie (and preferably another point of reference as well) would be willing to share their experiences and opinions on the dolls, that would be wonderful! I'd like to eventually get a boy, but right now I'm looking at Ophelia with white skin and faceup on JunkySpot. Thanks for any help in advance!
    11. I really love mine--I even have a BW Ophelia, lol. I personally feel that the Bobobie sculpts have a lot of personality, and like the fact that they come on so many colors. They can also take some very natural looking poses, since they are fairly flexible. They do come strung loose to help prevent chipping in transit, so you'll probably need to tighten up the elastic. The elastic they use for the larger dolls is a bit thin for their size, and switching to a thicker elastic should improve posability if that's a concern for you. Even floppy, mine stand very well. They feel different from my other dolls in that they're lighter weight, which hasn't made a difference to me either way--just something to note. I handle mine a lot and they've held up very well. The resin is seamless and very smooth to the touch--I actually prefer smooth resin, but some people prefer resin with more tooth, so that's really up to you. I've not ordered any Bobobies through Junky Spot, but I've gotten Obitsus from them as well as other doll clothes and supplies and I highly recommend them. If you do a search for Bobobie, you should get several other threads popping up as well.
    12. Thanks, Taco! As soon as I can get the hubby to part with some money, I think I'll get the Ophelia. Oh dear, I just bought my first one, and I'm already looking to add to my collection! This is quite the addicting hobby!
    13. Im planning on getting an Apollo BBB 60cm. Other doll brands are nice but when I first saw the Apollo doll I instantly fell in love!
    14. I got a Bobobie Ariel from the Junkyspot about two months ago, and she's very pretty. She's my only resin doll so far, though, so I can't compare her to more expensive brands. She was definitely worth the money, and her resin (normal skin) is beautiful, smooth, and luminous. I did restring her (which was a little scary, but not too hard) because she was so floppy, and now she poses much better.
    15. I have a Sprite, a Luna, and and Eric girl. Bobobies are wonderful. You end up getting involved with them right away as they need restringing with heftier string and they also benefit from glue sueding. It helps bond with the doll and you will be more adventurous because the doll didn't cost a fortune. You will be more ready to try and mod or do a faceup. I love Bobobie and will have more as I can afford them. I especially love the little 1/6th girls, there are 4 of them now (if you count the ones at Resinsoul). I don't think you can go wrong with a Bobobie. That's just my opinion, I know others feel different.
    16. I have to say, I found the speed of sales to be quite good when I got the Apollo Tan (that I am now selling) I ordered him on the 7th of May and by the 12 of April he was home. The quality was perfectly fine too. The resin is not cheap looking at all

      There were a few things that I found not so good, though. The head was a bit "pop and lock" meaning that, it only wanted to sit happily in 3 positions and nothing in between. It's likely this was a stringing issue. Which brings me to the stringing. Of course, he is loose. I wouldn't really advise anyone to get BBB dolls if they wanted a doll that was perfect right away. They will need restringing, so only get BBB dolls if you are prepared to do that without fear. For me, this was no good at all. Restringing is not something I am in a hurry to learn, at all. *shiver* my reasons are medical, not lazy!

      Another point that I want to raise, is the packaging. The doll box was/is lovely, as is the doll bag they ship the doll in. However, they only wrap the box in clear film with no other protection, they don't even mark it as "keep box flat". As a result my box arrived wet on one corner.
    17. My blue Sprite is just lovely - a gorgeous colour, and a face so pretty I can't quite get over it. It's the immauture body, and the posability and body sclupting is so-so, but she stands nicely and has lovely hands. Wrists and ankles don't move a lot. Resin is smooooth and glowing and lovely. She didn't need restringing, just a little tightening.

      My Isabella is little and just adorable. And stands like a *rock* straight out of the box.

      I really love BBB resin. Mr ResinSoul Lian (who is amazing) has the coffee/light tan, and it's utterly breathtaking.
    18. I have a 68cm Chun and Charisma... I LOVE the mature face on Charisma and the tall body on Chun. They don't stand or pose well without some hotglue. The resin has a nice color, doesnt yellow fast. I have mine out in the livingroom in lights all the time. None has yellowed or changed much in color yet. I got them in June and I tanned Charisma. They fit in clothes really nicely and look good in different color & styles of wigs.
      chun> [​IMG]
    19. I love my Bobobie dolls. I have got a few of them, in 1/3 and 1/4 size. They are a little floppy but you can tighten up the stringing which helps. Mine stand quite well with a stand just for a little support. Here is my two Charisma's boy and girl!!


      Its true that the Charisma sculpt does look a little older than some other bjd but that to me adds to the charm.I love each of my dolls to be different. I feel that Bobobie dolls are well worth the money and are truly beautiful.
      Hope this gives you some ideas!!