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Bobobie Sleeping Cookie Girl

Apr 21, 2008

    1. I just bought my second girl :lol: I think I'm hooked :)

      Ever since I was waiting for my first girl to arrive (an MSD, my Soulkid Snyder) I started to do research and fell in love with tinies a bit more than minis (although I do love Gwenllian!), and even though I couldn't see the appeal of closed-eyed dolls before, I do now I have a character in mind that requires it, plus I could also open the eyes if I ever felt brave enough! So, counting down the days till she arrives.

      Does anyone have any pros and cons to share specifically about Bobobie Cookies? :)
    2. I love them..I have Cookie , Erin and Eric
      they quality is great ...they can fit Lati Yellow ,clothes and shoes (but not wigs or eyes )

      and with the huge popularity of the Lati now ...just check out Etsy and you will find tons of clothes
      the price of them is great ...
      I dont have anything bad at all to say about them
    3. Thanks :)

      What size clothing do they take? I've been looking everywhere for measurements, but I haven't really found any. I know she's 14.5cms tall, but that's about it. I don't want her to stay naked for long but I don't want to rush out and get something specifically for tiny BJDs at the moment, just in case she doesn't like it :lol: I don't want to be too crazy with the spending right now.
    4. You've got perfect timing. This was just being discussed on another thread
      "The dresses AND shoes from the Disney Royal Nursery dolls fit my Bobobie tinies just about perfectly. They're a bit on the short side if my dolls bend over, but a pair of bloomers or something would easily fix that.
      I have heard the tiny Cabbage Patch dolls (they are new this year) fit Lati Yellow and other 6-6.5" dolls. Does anyone have one? Haven't seen them except at Wallmart, and it is too far away to frequent - so I don't have one yet.
      I have one, and their clothes are pretty much a perfect fit for that size tiny. I got one of them from ToysRUs when I was searching for clothes for my poor naked Bobobie tiny (the one I bought was the girl in the soccer set). Her clothes fit my guy almost like they were made for him. The clothes from them would probably fit girls better than boys because the shorts fit a bit tight across his groin, and most of those dolls are in dresses. I'd have tried one of the others, but my tiny is not a girly boy.
      I searched 'lil sprouts clothes' on ebay and came up with some darling crocheted dresses. I just ordered one.
    5. I think they will fit Lati Yellow clothing as tinybear says, check out ebay and etsy, loads of lati yellow stuff there :)
    6. Thanks everyone! The Lati Yellow clothes are lovely and I really want some Disney Royal Nursery stuff now, but I think that's just in the US because I've never seen them in the UK!

      tinybear - would you mind measuring your Cookie for me? I need something to do while I'm waiting for her to arrive (and during breaks from my thesis), so I'm going to knit her a sweater-dress. Can you tell me the circumference of the torso and hips and the length of the arms? Thank you so much if you can!

    7. If you look in the links section on Carolyns data base it has all of the measurements
    8. I've just checked it out, what an amazing reference guide! :)