Bobobie Sprite has a hook on headcap?

Aug 31, 2019

    1. So I have a old bobobie Sprite, do very old versions have hook in headcaps or is this possibly a recast? I want to make sure before I try to sell :(
    2. I've never heard of any Bobobie ever being recasted. In the future if you're ever worried that a doll is your possession may be a recast it's best to post about it in the Ask The Moderators subforum (under the Help tab).
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    3. Do you have a picture? My old Bobobie Song has a weird head cap with a tiny looking hook, but it broke off and wasn't very sturdy to begin with.

      Also, I do not think any BBB or Resinsoul dolls have been recasted.
    4. Some old dolls have this in their headcap because that's where the S-Hook goes to fix the headcap within the stringing system. This system was used before the companies started using magnets.
    5. Yes I do 15672904627545367672202964937728
    6. Looks exactly like my boy! They kind of suck at keeping the headcap on though, so I use sticky tack inside the headcap. I've thought about converting him to magnets, but that's definitely legit Bobobie right there.
    7. Please consult with the mods in Ask the Moderators for questions like this rather than creating a thread. Closing this thread.
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