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Bobobie Tiny Chocolate Tan Skin Ver

Dec 14, 2008

    1. I am very interested in this little one and i will like to know if he is still available on tan skin on the Bobobie website. If any of you know, please reply me.
    2. Maybe you could send a PM to Dennis here on Den of Angels, or use the email address from the Bobobie site to contact him? He is the manager of Bobobie, and he could answer your question better than anyone else.
    3. Actually you can get dolls in dark tan but they only make them on special request. The reason is that it's a very difficult colour to cast and there might be minor imperfections. Just e-mail Dennis and ask. :)

    4. Thank You for replying and i will :gingerbreadman
    5. I have written Dennis.
      In December 2008 for me have made (15cm Boy Chocolate):
    6. bump! Any more owners of this cutey?
    7. Mine was casted by Bobobie...I had a special order Tinybear Large Moona in Chocolate.

      I have also seen a chocolate Bei.