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Bobobie Tiny VS. PukiPuki flexibility/range-of-motion?

Aug 18, 2009

    1. Please forgive me if there is already something like this. I haven't gotten used to the search engine here yet... :doh

      My question/request is simple:
      Is there any photos out there of Bobobie tiny and/VS. Pukipuki flexibility/range of motion? I would really love to see some. :)

    2. Pukipuki win hands down, sorry no pics, but if you want movement and flexibility go for a puki. If you work your way through the (8!!) puki threads you will find lots of pictures of them balancing on one hand etc. Good luck making your choice!!
    3. I've never played with a bobobie before, but I have plenty of pukis. I think that they are the best posing doll in ANY size. I love them to pieces.
    4. I have Puki ,PukiFee and Bobobie ..I adore Bobobie ..I love the colour , I love the quality
      I love how delicate the sculpts are ,with a little work , tightening cords , glue suedeing and pipcleaners down the legs ..they are just great value for money
      they make my dolls ..so I have to be impressed with them
      but there is nothing ..nothing on this earth like FairyLand ...you want a doll to stand , pose , sit ..
      ..its gotta be FairyLand
      I cant think of anything negative to say about them, some owners have lost hands and feet on the tiny PukiPuki ..I always put a tiny dab of PVA glue on mine
      they are just amamzing ...
    5. PukiPuki! Bobobie are so cute but I think that FL is the best!
    6. I LOVE bobobie tinies - I have 4 modified Cookies on loan (permanently) to my mothers desk once you've re-strung them - made a few tiny adjustments like 's' hooks in the hands and a dab of hot-glue sueding in the thigh-joint .... oh and either pipe-cleaners or wire (I used bag-ties) and they will hold any pose you like... plus they bounce when you drop'em :sweat and they are excellent quality at a crazily affordable price!!

      Truly though there is no comparison to a PukiPuki, the degree of though that went into the joint design for a PukiPuki left my seasoned engineer father speachless, they truly are an amazing piece of work. Their poseability will ruin you for every other doll in existence...
    7. Puki is a better poser. If desire by someone though, I could do a few posing shots of my pipi vs my cookie
    8. Thanks everybody, I originally thought I would get a puki, but I was looking into Bobobie because they are 1. Cheaper in the price range, 2. slightly larger and 3. come in more color choices. From hearing what you all have to say, I do think that I will go ahead and get a puki first. Though, you can be sure that a bobobie will follow soon behind. ^____^

      Thanks again!
    9. Well, if you're looking for inexpensive and good posing, try Felixdoll Brownie. They're having an incredible sale on their fullsets.
    10. If you're interested you can also check felixdoll brownies. They're like pukipuki (can share clothes, wig and shoes) but cheaper. I personally prefer pukipuki faces but brownies are really cheap and wonderful for their price! They pose like a puki.
    11. I was going to suggest having a look at the Felix Doll Brownies because of the sale - they are fantastic little dolls! However having some of the larger RS/BBB dolls including one in lilac resin, while they might not pose like Pukis or Brownies they are gorgeous dolls and I can't say enough good things about them.

      At the moment my personal wish list is filled with only RS dolls and more Felix Brownies.
    12. double post.
    13. Can someone post a link to the felixdoll brownie store?

      Thanks. :)
    14. If you want something larger- then consider the Puki Fee, they are closer in size to the BBB tiny. Enjoy shichever one you decide on! Margie
    15. At one time Brownie's were more expensive than Pukis but now with the sales.....I would go with a Brownie as my first bjd....

      My second would be a puki and then third would be a Bobobie.