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Bobobie [USA]

Nov 7, 2007

    1. Just a quick note that we have our current Bobobie inventory up on our website now at http://www.junkyspot.com

      I'll be placing another order within the week, so if there are specific models, you can email me directly what you would like us to order at sales@junkyspot.com
      We'll need 1) model 2) skintone and 3) faceup or nonfaceup.

    2. Will it be possible to order just bodies? The immature mini body specifically.
    3. i can always special order it for you. but i actually ordered a couple bodies seperately to check out as well...what skintone were you looking for?
    4. NS, since I heard it was a decent match with Dollzone normal. If I do get one, it won't be for a couple more weeks, at least, just wanted to make sure it was possible.