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Bobobie web site and thought about them

Mar 31, 2007

    1. So, I'm interested in ordering from Bobobie. I was just wondering if there were any problems people had with ordering from them or if they were good to work with. I've heard good things so far, but just wanted to see for sure. Thanks. ^_^ :)
    2. i've only heard good things so far and talking to Dennis, the ppl at Bobobie are very nice. there are some ppl who have ordered specifially from them so the shipping i can't anser but from feedbacks, they sound gr8! good luck!
    3. That's awesome, it definitelly makes me want to order from a company more when I know they're so great. hehe ^_^ Thanks, I'll see what I can do about ordering from them, then. hehehe
    4. My experience was great and I plan on ordering from them again. I know shipping is a bit slow right now because they are a small company and got an influx of orders right around their holiday
    5. Hehe it's great to hear they have such good service. And yeah, I figure the shipping would be kind of slow, so that doesn't bother me much. hehehe ^_^ I'm just tickled pink I was able to find a company that sells their dolls so cheap!!!!! That's amazing!!!
    6. Hi hellsingmongrel:)

      Have you seen this?

    7. yup join us if u have time! It's very fun ^^

      also Bobobie is still new so lack of choices really but they seem brilliant so far. The prices are also very affordable as a first or any doll.
    8. I am another Bobobie fan
      I have Eric and Im waiting for Erin and Ophilia :aheartbea
      A1 service and doll
    9. Yeah I like Bobobie too!! Denis is great at communication. I did have one slight problem with them, I ordered some glass eyes that didn't arrive with the other stuff I ordered. I emailed them and a new pair were sent out (which are by the way, really nice). They did lose my order information but that was sorted out straight away too. I'm quite happy with them.
    10. I just received my Ophelia. She is really lovely and I really like her quality and her sweet smile. She is a bit loose but still poses very well and she told me her charachter right away...not that usual for me. So I have a lovely bard that has come to live with us. And I have her harp all ready so cool.
      I had lovely communication with Dennis and he has been wonderful to work with. Things were slow, but worth the wait. Especailly since I ordered right before the spring break, like by hours :) So I would rather wait and have the good communication and great service and lovely doll!!! I know, I know, I have to do the picture thing. I had a wig ready for her so that was no problem. I am really planning on ordering at least one more doll from them and I really hope they do a large boy soon!
    11. I've ordered my dolls, and they should be in by Monday-- just make sure not to order near a Chinese Holiday! :lol: I ordered back in February, but I did so during a national holiday, and had a big order to boot. ^__^;;

      The communication is great, Dennis has amazing patience. They email you when you get the tracking number, and tracking your package is easy too. Shipping is fairly quick-- I'll get my dolls in under 5 days, and I'm near the east coast of the US, pretty much half way around the world.

      I can rant and rave for quite a while- but I suggest him highly. Dennis answered all of my questions, is always polite, and goes out of his way to make sure things work the way they should.

      15/10 on my scale.
    12. Yeah, I saw that, but I don't have the time or the sewing abilities or the money to do it. I wish I did, but I'm still going to school right now, so I wouldn't have time, and my grandma would refuse to sew those things for me even if I did design them. XP But that really is an awesome contest! Just amazing! hehehe ^_^

      Hehehe yeah, your Eric is what made me go "Well Hell, I need to look at Bobobie!!! O_O" I just barely started really looking seriously at Tinies, and I saw a Wishel that made me squee, and was all looking for owner pics of Wishels on the forum, and found your comparison thread, and I was like "omg, what??? That one really does seem to have more details! And the joints are better! Wait, it's less then the Wishels??? UNDER 100 DOLLARS??? SWEET!" XD And then when I got to the website, I just stared at the prices for about an hour in utter disbelief! hehehe XD I'm really glad they have such great service, I've REALLY got to order from them. hehehe ^_^

      Yeah, everyone I've heard says he's really nice, and that's one of the biggest things for me to get me to order from a company. If they will bend over backwards to help their customers, I'll gladly do business with them! hehehe ^_^

      Yeah, I loved the girl dolls they had. Maybe it's the low price, I don't know, but I don't normally like girl dolls, but I'd totally order their girls! hehehe ^_^ That's so cool, I'm glad you like your little Bard so much. hehe Yeah, I expect ordering from a doll company to be slow, since they're so far away, and they're handmade items. lol I can't wait to see your little resin baby! hehehe ^_^ That's cool, yeah, I'm thinking about ordering one of each doll, since they're so cheap! it'd need to be in stages, but it'd be so doable! hehe

      Niiiice, I can't wait to see your's too! hehehe XD Yeah, holidays always make orders go slower. lol Yeah, he sounds like a really really nice person. hehe And I'm glad they give you tracking info, I've heard that some companies don't, and owners have had nervous break downs trying to track their babies. x_X Wow, that IS fast shipping! O_O lol Niiice! hehehe XD That's awesome, I can't wait to do business with them, then! They sound absolutely awesome! hehehe XD
    13. I am counting the days untill Erin arrives :aheartbea
      the owner pictures look lovely of her
      and I have an Ophelia onder

      and then I saw the Pandora head ...and I love that one too ...I might get that to swap with Ophelia as I do prefere the Pandora sculpt , Giggles

      but my first love is tiny , so I cant wait to see what others they release
      I would love a deaming head ...and an elf :aheartbea
    14. I received my dolls from Bobobie yesterday. Yes, it took awhile for them to come, and I'll admit to getting nervous when I hadn't gotten a shipping notice and day 45 was near, but.... Dennis is great about replying to emails and I did get my dolls and I love them and would order from them again.
    15. I forgot to mention... I got my dolls on Tues... :D I forgot to post it up because I have been too busy playing with them and making dresses for Erin.. and a wig!
    16. please delete post
    17. Yes, still good things. The Sprite I ordered came safe and sound in her sleeping bag, which did a good job protecting her. The one thing to avoid is maybe ask for no eye putty, as the kind they use is purple or blue and stains. Nice communication on the message board, more difficult by email.
      I had to bother them many times to get my Sprite sent earlier because it is a present for someone, but they were very nice about it.
    18. please delete post
    19. hummm well I'v gotten My Abyss (the Apollo) and am getting two more bjds from them ^.^ The only thing I dont neccessarily like about them was..I had a LONG wait for my Abyss because they ran out of boxes. I understand though, they are a new company so issus like that will arise. oh! two other things you should know about the dolls themselvs, they are strung rather loosly and though he feels very smooth the sanding was done with a relativly low grit sand paper. making it easy for them to apear dirty with scraches. ^.^ as long as you clean thme it dosnt take away from the doll at all ^.^

    20. I just ordered a Sprite from them, and the communication is AMAZING! They answer your questions within a 24 hour period. By far the best customer service I have encountered.