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Bobobie Wigs?

Aug 6, 2008

    1. I've been told that my Isabella would fit better here :3

      I need to find a wig for my currently bald Emma (She's a Bobobie Isabella)!!

      If you happen to have an Isabella (or a doll of similar head-size) with a wig, can you post a photo and the website where you got it?

      And if you made it yourself, any tips for a newbie?

      THANK YOU!

      Here's my bald baby ^o^'
    2. I got a mohair wig with my Cookie, so I can't really help you, but I am really interested in the answer. I have thought about scalping a Barbie and using that as a wig, but I haven't done anything drastic yet.
    3. If she has the same head size as barbie, you can find wigs at ebay. im not sure what her exact headsize are, but maybe you could ask check out gene wigs
    4. Gene is a 5/6 wig size. Barbie is a 4/5.
    5. You could also look into one of Tinybear's custom tibetan wigs - there's some colours there that I think would really suit your doll. I've not ordered from her (yet) but she has a really good rep.

      Making wigs is fun, if you can find something good to work with. I use a crazy mix of fake and real furs, fiber rovings, and doll hair. How to sew the base varies from doll to doll: some dolls the main seam goes lengthwise (line running between the eyes) but on others it works better run ear-to-ear (this is how I did the wig for tiny!Tigerbaby)
      ...after trying several wigs from eBay that were supposed to fit pukis...but most certianly did not >x< I sew a base cap, custom-fitted to diolleh's lil' cranium from fake or real fur, then tuft in little wefts of longer fibers to build the length.

      I have also seen cute wigs made of all kinds of materials, like yarn, raffia - even paper shreds. Good luck!
    6. Thank you all.
      I'm sorry. I just realized I've posted this specific type of thread like...twenty times in these forums (Whoops!) I just kept forgetting I already asked!

      But I haven't quite found what I'm looking for yet
      I'm about to check out the tinybear's wig thing though!
    7. check out junkyspot.com I ordered a nissa and got a wig from them:) have you looked at the bobobie site?
    8. I had a bobobie moony, and she wore exactly size 4 wigs. 4-5 worked rather well. 3-4 were too small. I'm not sure about Bobobie Isabella, but that's simply from my experience. ^^ Hope that helps in any way!
    9. thanks you just answered my question on another thread :D
    10. I received a wig for my Isabelle today. (Sorry no pics yet) It is a 5/6 Ashes Coco Lavender from Jpopdolls. It fits perfectly and is definitely the right wig for my doll. Finally I got one right! My other dolls have been through trial and error wigs.
    11. My Chloe (Bobobie March) wears a wig from Hasel's Aesthetics. You can get those in a wide range of colors.