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Bobobie's 15cm Tiny Boy

Jan 26, 2007

    1. This is Bobobie Family's first tiny boy. His name is Eric, 15cm tall, about one year old. He can pose very well and turn at waist. The price is USD78.00. The price will include the boy himself, a pair of eyes, a pp bag, a cushion bag and packing carton. And we are considering offering wooden case.

      You can deliver you order and pay at Bobobie website: www.bobobie.com. The web is both in English and Chinese. We can accept PayPal, Checks and Money order. If you have any question please feel free to contact us:PM, email, or leave messages at Bobobie Q&A board.

      His measurement is as below:
      Overall Height:15cm
      Head Circumference: 11cm
      Head Diameter: 4cm
      Neck Circumference: 5cm
      Shoulder Width: 3cm
      Arm Length: 4cm
      Body Length: 4.5cm
      Chest Circumference: 8cm
      Bottom Circumference:9cm
      Leg Length: 5cm
      Feet Length: 2.4cm

      His images:


    2. I shall order him soon.. as well! *O* He is sooo cute! He doesn't come with wig does he?
    3. Yes, he will come with no wig. The wig in the pics is made by hand, the material is real fur. I may add it to WIG on the web. I think USD6.00 is suitable.
    4. Oh! Can I order the wig with the doll? What about some clothe? Would you guys sell some clothe for the boy soon? Do you know where I can get some clothe for the boy?
    5. The wig is available on Bobobie web now. You can order the wig together with Eric. But very sorry, they is no clothes for him at present. :(
    6. What eye size does he take?
    7. Hi, he takes 8mm eyes well.