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Bobobie's Christmas Event ... Nudity

Nov 25, 2008

    1. To quote Dennis, "The Christmas doll is under processing. She is around 50cm tall. . And she will this year's Christmas doll... we get a name for her: Luna. "

      A 50cm cherub with a beautiful face and mature body.


      It is with great pride that I introduce this lovely lady for Dennis and BOBOBIE for all the community to see. More info to be posted as available. Also please check BOBOBIE DOLL MALL and FORUM for more information on the release date.

      - ShadowHawke -

      Mods, I have never posted something as important as this. If it is in the wrong place please let me know, so I can move it. Any information you find in not proper please let me (ShadowHawke) know so I may correct it as Dennis gave me the opportunity/honor to announce the lady's release to the doll world.
    2. Thanks Themasterjinn a lot to share the pics of Luna with us. Suggestions and comments on the doll are highly appreciated. Luna is in a new size. We never do 50cm dolls before. If there is anything improper or any parts you do not like, please tell us boldly and francly. We will make some adjustment or changes accordingly. Thank you! ^__^
    3. Do you have a head measurement for her? And also what size eyes she would take?
    4. Sculpt of new hands here...
      side view [​IMG]

      both in white and normal(flesh) skin

      - ShadowHawke -