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Bodies for Crobidoll heads?

Jun 5, 2009

    1. I would love to know what bodies in this size range are available? Does the SOOM Supergem resin match with Yeon-ho?
    2. if you're looking for 65-66cm body why not consider the M line body from Crobidoll, the body is 67cm tall with a head.

      I don't think the Soom NS resin would match, Crobi is a closer match for Volks which is more yellow than the pink tone in Soom.
    3. Oh thank you for the pointer! But I am concerned about the posing abilities of the M-line. I have heard a few things regarding Crobi bodies that concern me (kicky legs... cant hold a pose well, etc.). I am not sure if these are problems that could be fixed through restringing?
    4. Would you want me to do a quick review of the body for you? I should have one arriving in a few days, I can do some quick reference for you on the posing and such.

      So far with my dolls that doesn't pose, tightening the tension, wiring and sueding/kips are very useful towards the posing ^^
    5. Oooo!!! That would be wonderful and immensely helpful!
      Please please~~! :aheartbea
    6. Does the M-line body have weird porportions? I had a friend who said it did, but I never did see actual owner pictures yet.
    7. rainwaltz: here is a helpful thread for you if you have not seen it yet. http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=263573
      I personally dont think M-line has weird proportions, but the arms are quite muscular. ^^

    8. Oh, thank you =3
    9. I'll take some photos of the posing probably tomorrow/after tuesday for the M line body.

      Overall the proportions aren't really off. The only qualms I have are 2 things:

      1. due to the long torso a 3 piece torso would help him a lot more with standing. Otherwise it just takes a lot of balancing to help stand him but the ridges on the back do help immensely.

      2. the arms are a tad bit long. Perhaps 0.5-1cm shorter would be better but it's not noticeable most of the time.

      The body is rather nice, the quality is really nice, it's very heavy and matches Volks resin really well. There are little details in the hands and feet of little viens but not a defined six pack or muscles on the chest.

      His height is in the torso, he can definately wear SD16/17 clothes. SD13 is far too short in the torso.

      Trousers, best fit would be SD16/17 trousers/SuperGem size. SD13 fits (long legged/delf sized) but would have to be stuffed inside boots or else they hang off his ankles by 2-3cm.

      The body is slender, the chest part is the heaviest and very broad, but he has a very slim waist so proportion wise, SuperGem is more 'mature' but this is not noticeable when he is clothed.

      He has rather muscular arms, it's thick and well proportioned to the body. Of course he has rather large hands, man hands but it goes well with the body.
    10. yukihotaru: Thank you thank you! <3 Your comments really have helped me a lot! Since I want a taller body for Yeon-ho I think I do prefer the M-line over SD13. If you are familiar with sdelf body can you give me some opinions on it? I know it is a little taller than SD13 but I am not sure if it can give Yeon-ho a more mature look. It's good to know M-line works with Yeon-ho tho, at least I have an option now. :) Thanks thanks~ I can't seem to say it enough. ^^ <3
    11. I'm thinking of getting a crobi doll but changing the body to a female one. What would be a good match?
    12. Delete this post of mine please
    13. Yepperz~! I'm thinking of buying a crobi Nia in the future and want to turn him into a she but was wondering what body is a good resin match to crobi's resin.

      If anyone knows PLEASE help!

      Any info/advice is mucho loved~~
    14. I'm wondering about this too, since all the matches I know are for boy bodies. I read that Fantasydoll bodies match alright, but all the examples I've seen are the males. Would the girls bodies look good?

      Edit: I just remembered that some people put their Yeon-ho on B&G (Boy & Girl) male bodies, so maybe the female bodies would work too.
    15. I keep scouring the forums on a daily basis, trying to find a really solid answer on Crobi resin matches. I have a Lance on the r-line body, and I really really really am bothered by how large the neck looks. The body itself is a great body, although he's my only boy and in comparison to my Limhwa girl, any body is superb at posing (Limhwa dolls just can't pose for the life of them... x_x).

      Demon Garden has the brand new 1/3, and I'm wondering how that one would work, but B&G's type 3 body I'm hoping would work too, but do you think going from a 10.5 cm neck to a 9.5 would work at all? And I wonder about the proportions too, because while Yeon-ho works, that's a smaller head than the rest of the Crobi line...

    16. I emailed Crobidoll a little while ago- and asked them if their Yeon-ho head would fit a ringdoll body- which has neck girth of 9.5- and they said that would be fine- I also asked ringdoll if they could fit a 10.5 head- (their doll have 9.5) and they also said yes- so I think it should be fine to put crobi head on 9.5 neck.

      I am also looking everywhere for crobi resin match and can not find solid answer :(

      However I have researched resins from various companies- and compared some comments from doll owners, and as far as I can gather- these are the companies which can match crobidolls resin;

      Demon Garden- normal skin
      Volks- normal skin
      Fantasydoll- Normal skin
      Ringdoll- pure normal skin

      Resin which does not match appears to be; Soom, dollzone, nobility doll.

      I have heard that 'boy and girl' doll company both does and does not match- so any hints on that one would be great haha :P
    17. very interesting question, i've put my Yeon-Ho head on a fantasy doll body but the resin doesn't match and I find the ringdolls bodies really beautiful x) so i'd like to know too =)
    18. ooh so you have yeon ho? :D He is so gorgeousss! >_<
      Is the fantasy doll body too pale or dark?

      Would you say his skin is more yellow or white??
      Because from looking at pictures he looks a lot more pale than the usual pink tone of 'normal/natural skin' dolls.. :sweat
    19. I really want a Ys, but I don't know about buying a body since some people say the bodies are nice, but weird-looking at times. I also don't know if it's worth tracking down a head and another body.

      Is it really worth it?