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body blushing service?

Jan 13, 2008

    1. There are pelnty of customizers who do body blushing and manicures in the Marketplace, but you need 25 day's membership and 40 meaningful posts to gain Marketplace access.

      Here is a list of customizer web links you could check out:

    2. x_x Forty posts?! :...( But I'm not a forum hopper... ;_; I really don't visit forums much at all. I just seldom have anything to say.
    3. You're almost halfway there. It's really not hard at all to get fourty posts-just sit down and scroll through the General Discussion forum, or Games or Doll Memes. The last one is especially easy to rack up posts in, it looks like.
    4. Yarf! What really bugs me is I can't even browse that secion of DoA... It's weird too, I thought I'd even signed up like two years ago, but my profile says November '07?
    5. If I remember correctly, at some point all accounts with zero posts were removed. An announcement was made first giving members with zero posts a couple of weeks to post in Introductions. Then when the 2 weeks were up, all accounts with zero posts were removed. That and the Marketplace restrictions occurred around the same time and were meant to make the Marketplace safer for buyers and sellers. That includes not letting new members browse the Marketplace then PM members who are selling or looking to buy something. Before the rules a number of sellers and buyers were ripped off by scammers and the Marketplace is safer now, as intended.