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Body Blushing...?

Aug 9, 2016

    1. Questions on body blushing! I was curious how others may body blush their dolls and how they might do it.

      Do you prefer your entire doll blushed?

      If so, why? (Looks more realistic, feels unfinished without blushing, etc)

      Do you unstring your doll before blushing?

      Thanks for your input!
    2. When I do body blushing, I usually just do the collar bone area, the hands and feet since I don't really take pictures of the knees and elbows :P

      Yeah I do it because it makes the doll look more realistic and adds more depth to the areas done :P

      I know others will unstring the dolls when blushing their dolls, but I personally don't because I hate restringing the doll XP

      I hope this helps ^.^
    3. I've never body blushed a doll (so I can't really say anything about whether I unstring them to do it!), but I do like the look of one that has been blushed!

      If I were to do a body blushing, I'd probably only focus on the parts that would be most likely seen in pictures -
      Like the chest, arms, and hands.

      I've got a character who's freckled all over, and those are the areas I'd actually put forth the effort to freckle. He'll probably never be photographed in anything less than shirtless with his pants on.
      Nobody will be seeing him in his skivvies to know his legs and feet arent blushed! :P
    4. I feel ya with the restringing! I hate it. And I also like to blush my dolls for the realistic aspect, as it really does make it look.. Well, in my opinion, better.

      Ahh, freckled boys!!! So cute :D and I agree, I think I'd just focus most on the most photographed areas of the doll.
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    5. I don't body blush my dolls. I used to do their hands and I've had a few with blushed torsos, but I hate how quickly the sealant gets dirty, and I hate when it chips, and I reeeeally hate removing it all to redo it! So I don't even bother anymore. :lol: But I have been thinking about doing hands again because it's such a nice touch. Cleaning sealant off of hands though... uuuugghh.... :vein
    6. I would personally prefer my dolls blushed mostly because the faceups normally name the head look like they don't belong on the body u..u

      Whether or not I unstring my doll normally depends on how lazy I'm feeling u//u
      If I'm lazing and I've cleaning my doll recently, I'd do the blushing stringed for convenience
    7. I would except that it rubs off around the joints so it's more bother than it's worth.

    8. I do body blush most of my dolls, but not the babies/children. They're always clothed, so I didn't see much point. On the teens/adults, I do, but I do a minimal job of it. I blush hands, feet, torso and hip piece, but not arms, legs, butt, etc unless they have a tattoo or other distinguishing marks that need to be added. I worry too much about joints chipping, and blush in those areas would cause me to stress too much to enjoy the doll. I like just enough that the body doesn't look plastic compared to a realistically painted head.

      I do unstring to blush. I didn't when I first started body blushing, but over time I realized that sometimes excess pastel dust would get in places it shouldn't be when strung, or that I couldn't get an even coating of sealant on a strung doll. Unstringing helps me get a neat, clean, evenly sealed blush on the doll.
    9. Do you prefer your entire doll blushed?
      No. I don't mind full body blushing but I prefer just hands and maybe feet.

      If so, why? (Looks more realistic, feels unfinished without blushing, etc)
      I used to think body blushing was very important and that my dolls looked weird without color, but now I realize that it really doesn't matter. I barely even see my dolls naked, and body blushing just gets in the way when I am trying to clean my dolls.

      Do you unstring your doll before blushing?
      I wouldn't, if I did. Too much work for it just to rub off in the joints.
    10. i still dont have sealant so i cant really body blush my doll v.v but i would do a full body blush so u can appreciate his full beauty, and i would probably do it unstrung to give myself a challenge lmao
    11. Yes, I feel like the head looks mismatched to the body if the body does not have some color on it too. It looks so distracting when I see a heavily-blushed faceup on a pale, colorless body. When I blushed my doll, I unstrung her, but I think next time, I wouldn't. I think it would have looked just as good and gone much faster had I kept her strung together.
    12. Sorry, not a fan. I have seen some people did body blushing and it doesn't end up well. It was dirty so quickly if you aren't careful or clean freak. Lol.
    13. I like it. But none of my dolls have any currently. That must change with my Fairyland Russ though. It would look odd without as it doesn't wear clothes.
    14. I do blush some of my dolls, but usually only if I wanted to do freckles or tattoos on that particular doll. I would blush all of them, but I just don't want to spend all my free time blushing bodies right now XD I like how they look, and it does look more natural when the neck/chest is blushed in comparison to the faceupped head. It doesn't bother me all that much if they aren't though.
    15. My doll isn't blushed right now, but if I ever plan to take some realistic photos, then I will have them blushed. I'm not going to have them immediately blushed though if I'm only going to have it sit around the house.
    16. I haven't even really considered it. I like my dolls as they are.
    17. Do you prefer your entire doll blushed?

      Yes, I do really like the look of it, and I like having the option to do nude or less clothed photos with them. I try to avoid color around the joints, to minimize apparent chipping.

      If so, why? (Looks more realistic, feels unfinished without blushing, etc)

      I do feel that they look unfinished without that color, yes. It also emphasizes details in the sculpting, and can be used to add specific effects to a sculpt.

      Do you unstring your doll before blushing?

      Yes. Always. The one I did strung is a wreck now, but all the ones I did unstrung and let cure for a day or so are still looking great.
    18. Do you prefer your entire doll blushed?
      With some dolls I take the time to blush as much of the body as I can. I blush hands, feet, joints, dips and contours, but with other dolls I don't because the frequency with which I dress them makes maintaining the body blush almost impossible.

      If so, why? (Looks more realistic, feels unfinished without blushing, etc)
      To me, some dolls look well with a full body blush while others look better without.

      Do you unstring your doll before blushing?
      I try not to unstring the doll because I lose perspective of the body as a whole when I blush individual parts, but sometimes SD (1/3) dolls are too large for my work area, so I have to pull them apart.
    19. Do you prefer your entire doll blushed?
      I do, but it's not so much because it looks prettier as much as because it's a lot of fun to do. The more bits I do, the longer my fun time lasts!

      If so, why? (Looks more realistic, feels unfinished without blushing, etc)
      Since I had to do the face up of a doll, I decided not to waste the sealant and work on my dolls bodies as well! I really enjoy doing it and the result give the dolls more character so it's all positive to me :)

      Do you unstring your doll before blushing?
      I didn't, mostly because I wanted to see on the complete body where things went and how they worked together? Like I feel that if I blushed it bit by bit it may just not work well together, kind of like you need to cut fabric a certain way so patterns on them don't look off when you make a dress as an example.